22 January, 2012

Taking a Breath

Before I get to today's actual post I wanted to take a minute and say thank you for all of your sweet comments on my last {and slightly depressing} post. Last week was kinda rough for me, not just because of the whole glucose test thing. All of your comments {some which I have yet to respond to} helped remind me of a few things. 1) It's not the end of the world, even if I'm diagnosed with GD. 2) All that really matters is that Charlotte is {and stays} healthy. 3) I can't control this - or anything else - and worrying about it doesn't do me very much good. Anyway. Thank you. =)

Joe and I have been trying lately to take one night just for ourselves. Usually we go to dinner and see a movie. We're kinda boring like that. =P Plus, I have a hard time thinking of things we can do that don't involve a lot of time and effort. Well, after the week we had, I decided that I wanted more than just a date night. I wanted a whole day, dang it. And we needed it too. So on our date day, we had a picnic at the beach!

During our lovely little picnic, we enjoyed this view:

Can you see the little sails?! Love.

The water was gorgeous, the breeze was cool, and the sun was warm. I was so happy we picked a nice day to go on a picnic! The weather has been really gross lately. There were a couple of voggy, hot and sticky days last week, so it was nice to see the sun and the return of the trade winds. {Seriously, I never thought I'd miss a breeze so much.}

Our picnic wasn't a traditional one... We stopped to pick up some McD's to take with us. =P We're running low on groceries and my wonderful husband loathes the commissary, so we made do. 

As you can see, he wasn't disappointed in our predicament at all. ;-) I will admit, though, that it was kinda weird bringing McD's to the beach. I mean, you just don't think of fast food when you think "picnic at the beach," right? Anyway. After our little lunch, we brought out the books and read for a while. Oh yes, we're those people

It doesn't really get better than that. It's incredibly peaceful to be at the beach reading, listening to the waves crashing. It gave us a chance to really relax and enjoy each other's company. Joe was reading a book I got him about being a first-time dad, so he kept asking me questions. It was really good just to have some time to talk. I mean, we see each other every day and we talk about things, but we don't always talk. You know? Some chill time at the beach was exactly what we needed.

I know these pictures make it seem like the beach was empty, but it wasn't. Thankfully the other beach-goers were pretty chill. I think it helps that this beach is kind of hidden and isn't frequented by thousands of tourists. {Reason #1 I'm not a fan of Waikiki.} One of the other beach-goers brought their dogs. At first I thought they were puppies, but then they ran up the beach to us.

Aren't they cute?! I think they were all Jack Russells. Full of energy! And they loved the water. My dog, however, is afraid of the stinkin' water...which is why we don't usually take him to the beach. Anyway, these guys were super cute!! I almost wanted to take one home with me. And then I remembered I have a baby on the way. =P Speaking of...

I had Joe take a shot of me at the beach. Why not?! And holy moly is my belly out there! After we read a while, we walked along the beach. We had considered getting in the water but 1) the water was freezing! and 2) there were some decent sized waves happening. 

I don't know how long we spent there, but like I said before, it was definitely needed. It's funny how you can see a person every day throughout the week and still not really connect until you have some quiet, down time together.

To round off our picnic, we stopped for some shave ice at Matsumoto's on the the way home. We had to wait in line for a while, but whatevs. Matsumoto's is totally worth it! Clearly it wasn't our healthiest day of eating, but it was what our hearts and minds needed. I think that's more important sometimes. =) We've decided that we need to do this kind of thing more often - get out of the house and just relax. 

What do y'all do to recover from the past week or to connect with your hubby?

Hope you had a great weekend!


Optimistic Liz said...

glad to hear you had such an awesome date day! I think the hubs and I need a day out with out the baby. He was deployed when I was pregnant so we didnt get those last moments of just us time.
BTW I very much have that suit! and I totally wear it still! But different bottoms! hahaha its too cute to get rid of.

Chantal said...

Brandon and I realized it's been a long time since we've been to the beach! Kinda hard now with the baby... oh well, we'll get it in soon enough.

Miranda said...

That looks like the PERFECT date day to me!!!! Great idea, girly!!

Look at that super cuuuuute baby bump! love it!!! :-)

Kaylee said...

Oh, so sweet! Looks like a great date day! And so fun that you get to sit on a warm, sandy beach!

Anna said...

Your day sounds lovely! I am so jonesing for the beach now! :) Glad you two got some good time together, those days are the best. Love you both (and little Charlotte too, of course!)!

By the way, you are looking so cute with your prego belly!:D

Jamie said...

You look great. That bathing suit is adorable. I miss Hawaii! Matsumoto's is amazing.

Allie said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Definitely beats the foggy cold we have here :P

PS - I left you something on my blog!

MissReeRee said...

Beautiful day!! The water looks so nice, I can't believe it was cold!

Amanda said...

So jealous! I love your cute little baby bump. :)

Totally agree that sometimes it takes a little bit more to connect with someone even if you see them everyday. My hubby and I talk ALL the time, but the conversations where we are actually zoned in and having meaningful talk are fewer and farther between because of how busy life is.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, I love that you guys got to have a day to yourselves!