14 September, 2011

Prego Package

Before we get to the main reason for this post, I have something I want to poll/ask you guys about. You may remember that last year I started a Fall Foto Contest (If you're new, just click the link. =)). Since I'm clearly not going to be experiencing fall yet again this year, I'd like to host the contest again. That is, if there's any interest in it. So the question is, would you be interested in sending in/seeing fall photos? Please let me know!!!

This photo got me thinking about doing the contest again. Gorgeous.

On Saturday, I decided it was time to check the mail. I had completely forgotten to check it...all week. And whaddaya know? I got a package!

You guys know how much I love getting packages, right? During Joe's deployment, I sent a bazillion care packages to him. Somewhere along the way, my fabulous SIL, Anna, sent me a care package. It was awesome! She also sent this one to me. =) And even though her last package had more goodies this one meant a bit more. Here's what she sent:

Sweetest card EVER, cocoa butter lotion, preggie pops (hallelujah!) and chocolate.

And - as she put it - "a pretty maternity dress to show off that bump!"
Oh, and please disregard the pile of laundry on the right...

The card was on top {and addressed to both of us, so we both read it} and I opened it first. She really must know I like cards and read them before opening any package. =) After I read the card, I was a bit teary-eyed. Then I opened the rest of the package...and pulled out the dress and told Joe, "I think I'm going to cry!" Then I proceeded to cry. Ah, hormones. They're really great. ;-)

Seriously, though, who thinks to send a prego care package?! I probably wouldn't have. And I'm fairly certain I didn't send her one when she was pregnant last time! It was very sweet and thoughtful. I feel pretty lucky to have gained a sister {yeah, I claim her even though she's Joe's sister ;-)} and friend like her when I married Joe. Actually, I think I really lucked out in the in-law department altogether.

Hope y'all are having a great week!


Nicole said...

I love getting packages in the mail, and yours is so thoughtful!

And I'd be interested in the photo challenge!

Anna said...

Wow, I got my own post! :) I'm glad you liked your package, wish I was there with you guys.

And I loved you contest last year! I couldn't enter, but I loved looking at everyone's shots!

Much love,

Jessica said...

Aww, how sweet! What an awesome package.

I'm up for the photo challenge.

Emma said...

Such a sweet and thoughtful gift!

Amanda said...

Packages are so fun but a preggo package is the sweetest ever! That is so awesome that you have such great in-laws!

Emily said...

That was so sweet of your SIL! I love care packages, but I probably would not have thought to send a preggo one either! I would LOVE to see Fall photos-it is my favorite season!!

AbbeyG said...

I really LOVED seeing all the photos from the fall contest last year and I was definitely hoping you would do it again! :) (Sadly, I did not send in any pics last year, but I voted EVERY week!) lol

Chantal said...

I loved seeing the photos last year too! Unfortunately, I probably wouldn't send any in, for obvious reasons ;)

That was a cute package to get. Love it! And the crying - yes, that happens, and it gets worse. I've had a few moments when I just start bawling for no real reason. Anything sets me off. Brandon has learned to deal with it :P

Mel said...

Loved playing last year and would definitely participate again! Fall is so beautiful and picture-worthy!

JG said...

What a sweet idea! I don't think I would think of it, either. Gift-giving isn't my love language. I'm always poor on the gift-giving front.

I would love to see all the fall pictures, but I don't know if I'll be able to participate this year. There's not much to say "fall" around here other than seasonal Starbucks specials!

Skinnie Piggie said...

So cute!!
I can't enter the contest like I did last year... but I'd love to see some fall too!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I loved the fall photo contest last year!