19 May, 2011


Since I'm sitting a a mostly deserted airport {otherwise known as DFW} at 0600, I thought I would take this time to write! I really should have done this earlier while I was chillin' in the {VERY classy} San Francisco airport, but I watched a Harry Potter movie on my laptop instead. Yeah, that's how I roll. :P

Anywho, this trip has definitely been interesting so far. I got a window seat for my last 2 flights {still have one to go} and of course, I was crammed with 2 other people. I would never have the luck for there to be an empty seat. *sigh* I thought flight #1 was going to be fine... Until they served us drinks. The 50ish year old man sitting next to me {because his super skinny wife didn't want to be in the middle...grrrrrrrr!} apparently thinks it's ok to SLURP a drink. Not only did he slurp his Bloody Mary out of a can, he also swirled it. So, long after I was finished eating he was still slurping. I was trying my hardest to sleep - hoping I would be able to think about it - but I could hear it even over the music blasting out of my earphones. Aaaah! I won't even tell you about my bathroom experience. AA apparently has the world's tiniest bathrooms... Pair that with turbulence... Yeah, it was good times. Finally, I was able to pass out for a while.

Once we landed in San Francisco, I was relieved. That is until I ended up paying $9 for a SALAD because I wanted something little to eat. Grrr. Then I sat down in their lounge chairs {seriously, they could have popped right out of a fancy club} and watched a movie and ate my pretzel M&Ms. :-) Classy, right?

I felt a tad out of place because there were SO many business men and women all dressed up, carrying briefcases and laptop bags. Not to mention the little restaurant/bar next to my gate where other "fabulous" people were relaxing pre-flight. Anyway, me? I'm wearing gaucho pants (think capri cut yoga pants that flare at the bottom instead of hug the calves), a tshirt, flip flops and a jacket. Yup. PLUS, our power went out AGAIN this morning (er, yesterday...I guess) so I had to let my hair dry by itself. Tell me that doesn't look HOT. *sigh*

I guess the good news is that I made it to the mainland. I thought I was going to cry when I left Jasper though! Lord help me when we have kids... Haha!!

Overall, I'm just really ready to BE SOMEWHERE. Not in an airport and not in a plane. Just somewhere. I'm seriously ready for some Chick Fil A! You better believe that's my first stop when I get "home." :-) Speaking of home, I saw this when I went to the bathroom here at DFW earlier.

Nothing says "Welcome Home" quite like that!!!

Hope y'all have a great day!! Don't worry, I'll be keeping you updated on all the goings-on while I'm visiting the mainland. It's sure to be interesting!

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MrsMcDancer said...

It's always terrible leaving the Pup behind. On the bright side, once you have kids you tend to bring them with you, but the one time I went on a trip sans dog and baby I didn't know what to do with myself lol

The McGriff's said...

Now I want Chick-fil-a! Maybe tomorrow since we aren't leaving the house today.

Skinnie Piggie said...

Oh... Chick-fil-a... *sigh* They would make such a killing here in HI, I wonder if it's too big of a start-up cost for them to come out here?

Hope the rest of your trip is more relaxing!