17 May, 2011

Success! Almost.

 Today has been a pretty successful day!! I'm a little impressed with myself.

It started off with breakfast and a nice Facebook chat with my hubby. =) Unfortunately that didn't last very long (he was borrowing someone else's computer), but I'm glad I got to chat with him for a little bit. I haven't heard his voice in 10 days... Obviously I'd prefer a phone call or Skype chat but I'll take what I can get.

After he had to go, Melissa got on Skype! I will attribute a lot of my productiveness to that. For some odd reason, I seem to be productive when we chat. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but whatever works. I did the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen and even started packing! *gasp* That never happens. I am never even partially packed days before I leave. Ever. I always pack the day/night before and then morning of. Seriously. I think I earned a huge pat on the back for that one!! ;-)

Eventually, Melissa had to "leave" me to go spend time with her husband. Pssh. Who does that?! {Certainly not me.} =P So, I showered and got some more work done!! A couple days ago, I posted our two huge TVs on Craigslist. Ok, they're not exactly huge, but... They're CRTs. You know, the big boxy TVs everyone owned up until a few years ago? Yeah. We have two of them. Anyway, Joe bought a small flat screen for his CHU when he got to the sandbox. When he got it, we decided that he'd ship it home toward the end of deployment and it would replace Gigantor in the bedroom. Well, it's getting about that time... I've already received two tough boxes and I'm told I'm getting more in a few weeks. So, to Craigslist I went. I got an email Saturday, I think, but waited to call the guy back until today. I was asking $50 for both...and I was aiming high. Those things aren't worth much anymore and honestly I just wanted them out of my house. They're huge, annoying and never used. I'd give them away if I had to. Mr. Man talked me down to $30. I told you I wanted them gone!

A couple hours later, Mr. Man tells me he's on his way to get a gate pass and then he'll be here. Then, when he got here...he called me instead of just coming to the door. Um? Did he think I was going to carry it out by myself?! Then, he looks at this TV like he was about to move a house or something. =P

I know it's big, but come on. Anyway, so he started with the other {smaller} one first. I really wish y'all could have seen this guy. He's about my height (5'3") and probably weighs 110-120 pounds. Pretty sure he's Filipino. He all but ran out to his SUV with the TV. Then, I had to help him with the above TV. When we finally got it to his SUV, it was tough to maneuver. So he partially let go and kept asking me if I could hold it. Uh, yes, dude...I've already got it!!! I swear to you, I'm stronger than he is!!! Then, he said, "I think I might have to have my brother help me with this." Uh, ya think!? Sad little Asian boy. *sigh* Who would have ever thought I'd be stronger than a man? Though I guess the good news is that I could have taken him if he was some creepy stalker type. Hahaha!!!! =D Even better, those ginormous TVs are out of my hair!! Both rooms look so much better without them. I just feel so much more relaxed now!! Just one more thing taken care of. =)

Because I had such a good day, Murphy was out to get me. Isn't that the way it always goes? It was around 2100 and I was playing with Jasper. He has this rope toy that drives me insane and I asked him to go find his ball. He looked around for a while, but obviously couldn't find it. Then, of course, he looks at me like, "Moooom! I don't know where it is!" Haha. So I went to help him. I looked in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom... And finally thought maybe it was under my bed. As usual, Jasper jumped on the bed. So, I asked him "Where is it?" Then I bent down to look under the bed. That's when I got hit with some wet stuff.

He PEED on me!!!!!!!!!! I don't know if he thought I was mad at him or if he was afraid I was going to find something bad under the bed or what... {Back story: when he was a puppy he used to "do his business" under the bed and would get in trouble...a lot.} Whatever it was, I got peed on...and so did my comforter and carpet. Grrrrrrrr. I promptly disposed of the destroyed shirt, and banished Jasper to his crate while I went to find cleaner. I tried to spot clean the comforter, but it wasn't working. I got the carpet ok (I think) and decided to throw the comforter in the washer. *sigh* Then I got in the shower. It's possible it didn't soak through, but I can't stand the thought of potentially going to bed with pee on me. Not happenin'. Now the comforter is in the dryer...and I'm probably going to be up for another hour. Why? Because this is Hawaii and everything gets two turns in the dryer. *sigh*

Dear Murphy, I hate you and I want you to go away!!! And while you're at it, why don't you bring my husband home?! Geesh. 

Oh, before I forget, any good book suggestions? I need a good book to download onto my Nook before I fly home. Help?!


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Matched is a fabulous book. The tv story had me cracking up. I'm so glad things were awesome today!!

kirstieJayy said...

im so glad you have had a wonderful day! :)

'Girl With A One Track Mind' - Abby Lee <-- is a really good read! also, Peter James - 'You Have Been Warned'. that was good ooooh, try 'Noughts and Crosses', its a thought provoker!. :)

i think what you guys call 'Murphy's Law', us Brits' call 'Sod's Law'! haha, but same thing. very annoying!

Have a Wonderful Day :)



Anna said...

Yay for you, getting all sorts of things done! :) And LOL at Jasper for peeing on you, haha! I have to say that would have grossed me out...of course, now that I have a boy, I am getting peed on all the time! Just wait, you are on diaper duty for Harry at the beach. ;)

For books, I just started Water for Elephants since they made it into a movie. I can't vouch for whether or not it is good, as I went into labor about a chapter in, lol. But it might be a good one!

So sad to be missing you this trip to the mainland. :( Have fun at the wedding! (and don't forget your dramamine!)

Love you and miss you!

Carolyn said...

I have given you an award =)


Skinnie Piggie said...

I love books by Ted Dekker... my favorite is "In the Blink of an Eye," The circle series and Heaven trilogy by him are great too.

I just read "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo, it's a GREAT read... really short though.

Allison said...

I haven't read this myself, but it's on my books to read (in the future) list. The book is called Two Kisses For Maddy, the author has a blog and you can get a little bit of the back story if you check it out as well. mattlogelin.com Rebekah (lifewiththeedwards.blogspot.com) read it and said it was SO good!