16 May, 2011


Geesh. I feel like it's been a million years since I blogged last!! And we know exactly who to thank for that: Blogger. For me, it was on the fritz Wednesday night and Thursday all day. Grr. And I don't post on Fridays anymore because I realized that no one reads/comments on the weekends. And, let's face it, I live for comments. ;-) So, we have lots of catching up to do. 

Wednesday, the power went out at 0930. I was right in the middle of IMing Melissa and reading blogs. And the power goes out. Grrrr. Fortunately it was daylight so I didn't need to break out the candles. That is until I needed to take a shower. I have people on either side of me (think duplex, but quadriplex) so no window in the bathroom. After I killed some time reading blogs on my phone and doing my Pilates video via Netflix on my phone (seriously, what would I do without my iPhone?!), I gave in and took a shower in the dark. Ok, not complete dark. Candle light. Hello, 19th Century. {Well, almost.} I actually succeeded in taking a shower in the almost dark. Here are some photos from that lovely event.

Good times, I tell ya.


Friday night, I had a little girl's night out with my lovely friend, Annie. We started with dinner at Chili's where I had a fantastic margarita (it had been way too long!) and a yummy burger. =) I told Joe beforehand that it seems a little crazy to me that we both worked there for so long and we still love the food. Anyway, after dinner we walked over to the theatre where we saw Something Borrowed. O.M.G. It was so great! Definitely a great flick to see with a girl friend. =) And I saw previews for several other movies that look good too. {*cough* Harry Potter *cough*} After the movie, we went to a very crowded Walmart for a few little things. Finally, we went back to her house... I stayed there until well after midnight!!! I forgot how much fun late night chatting was. =)


Not much happened yesterday... Except that I had to drive 30 minutes one stinkin' way {which I know isn't that far, but it is for just one thing} just to get Jasper's dog food. The commissary has been out of it for three. weeks. now. I repeat: three. weeks. How is that even possible?! Don't they notice that there's something on that shelf that is missing!? Or do they just not care? Thanks to them, I had to drive all the way to Petco just to spend $5 extra on his food. And let's not even talk about wasting gas. Do you know how much gas is here?! $4.40. A gallon. So basically, I spent about $10 more than I would have if the commissary had been properly stocked. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Today was nice though. =) I got to talk to Joe on Facebook for a little while this morning. For the last two weeks, we've just been emailing so this was nice for a change. 

Church was amazing. We had a guest speaker from Kiev (Ukraine), but it sounded like he was Russian. He was an amazing speaker and had a great message. About having a spirit of appreciation. Would you like to guess who needed that message today? ::raises hand:: Yeah, I totally needed it. I get in the "I hate life" mode a lot... And I know y'all have heard me complain about living in Hawaii. I should really be thankful...for everything I've been blessed with even though my husband isn't here. It's very hard for me to be thankful for living here and for everything else when I can't enjoy it all with my husband. Very hard. Like I said, I needed it.

After church, Annie came over for a little sewing party! Miranda was supposed to come too but she's been feeling bad lately. Sad face. I'm hoping she got lots of rest and gets to feeling much better soon! We did have a good time chit-chatting, eating, sewing and playing with my crazy puppy who kept wanting us to play with him. Seriously, y'all, I have never seen Jasper so attached to someone before. Jasper loves Annie!! It's too cute. And I guess it's a good thing since he's going to be with her for the next week. 


As luck would have it, just as I typed that last line the HUGEST roach I have ever seen crawled out from under my couch. I saw something moving behind my computer screen {I blog from the couch, duh.} and moved it to see. The following occurred:

Oh. My. God. 

Oh my God!!!!! 

::runs to the kitchen for Raid with laptop, while yelling::

::Jasper looks on from the couch::

::Raid sprayed, roach scurries across living room::


::standing on the couch::

::holding Jasper on the couch::

::more Raid sprayed 'cause the thing won't DIE::


::Jasper tries to get away from the crying, freaking out woman::

Finally I decided that the thing needed to get out of my house. The vacuum won't suck it up (because it no longer sucks, well not on hardwood anyway) and my Swiffer sweep vac is to puny. My last option? The broom. I opened the front door (hey, it ain't stayin' in my house!), grabbed the broom, swept it up and ran to the front door. Think hockey. That just happened. Then I grabbed the mop to mop up the Raid on my hardwood floors. Crying ensues. Jasper decides this is definitely the time to hide and runs underneath our bed. I joined him (except ON the bed) after I mopped the living room for a good cry.

Here's a picture in case you doubted me.

I'm just tired of this. Tired of having to do everything by myself. Tired of having to deal with everything by myself. Tired of wondering when I'm going to hear from him. Tired of eating and living alone. Just tired. And don't you tell me "he's coming home soon." Don't even think about it. I realize that I don't have much longer to go in this deployment. But after nearly a year, the thought of still having weeks left isn't that comforting. {Yes, I know I should be thankful that it's just weeks now.} It's still just as hard. And do you know what makes it harder? Seeing all the other homecomings and homecoming photos being posted all over Facebook. It's hard. So don't you dare downplay it by telling me "it'll be over soon."

::end rant::


Tomorrow I start packing for my voyage home. I don't leave for a few more days, but it's always good to not procrastinate. I need to grab a couple things that I forgot from the PX and I think I'll be all set.  

Ugh, I think I still need to calm down from this whole roach debacle. I'm going to call maintenance in the morning and get them to come spray. I can't  handle ginormous bugs. No siree. 

Hope y'all had a great weekend!


❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Th roach pic totally gave me the heebie jeebies!! Eeeek!! And btw...I love Jasper too :)

kirstieJayy said...

ughh! your roach picture seriously made me shiver!!

i remember being in a florida restaurant and a cockaroach crawled up the wall beside me.
needless to shat we flew out of there! haha.

im excited for your trip home! :)

oh, and it isnt just you -- we all love comments! :)

i hope you have recovered from the attack of the roach saga!

Happy Monday :)

KirstieJayy x


Kaylee said...

Not to say that I hope they keep happening, but I love your bug stories. Probably because they are so right on track with how mine would go - although I think you handle them far better than I would. I had a similar incident last night with a spider. Sometimes I think that if someone could follow me around with a camera and tape those bug moments, it would be a real hit, ha ha ha!!!

Christine said...

Oh Holy Roach! I would have done the same thing! I hear at most base housing units they are poorly upkept and bugs are a serious issue. Im not saying you didnt upkeep it but all the pervious owners and empty houses around... it just happens. I would call Maint. Every few weeks even if I dont see bugs. Better safe then sorry!

Im so excited that your Hubs is coming home so soon! Mine just left last week. Have a safe trip home!

JG said...

Come on, who DOESN'T love Chili's? (My husband. He likes it okay, but I love it!) And there are only 2 Chili's in the whole city, and the closest one is like 10-15 minutes away. Boo-hoo, I know, but my whole life I've never lived more than 5 minutes away from a Chili's and I liked it that way. :)

Haha. In my house, the puppies like to hunt roaches. Which I appreciate, but SoldierMan says I have to catch them because the puppies should eat them. I say, Achilles ate a pair of his boxers and lived (yes, he did) so what's a little bug? Just protein, right?

I'll be honest, I can't imagine moving to a completely new place, it's almost a different country there, and pretty much being forced to live there by yourself ever since you got there, Joe left so soon afterwards. The fact that you are still there and trucking on impresses me so much. I have no idea how you did it. I don't think I would have been able to stay...although since it's Hawaii, I probably would have tried to suck it up for a couple of months. :)

Katie said...

Oh girl, I would've totally had the same reaction to that ginormous bug. In fact, I've had a meltdown over some bugs in my apartment before. Haha.

Skinnie Piggie said...

I hate bugs too! Ugh, in the last two days I've killed a centipede, a roach, and a spider... lame. I'm glad you have been getting to hang out with some ladies! I hope you enjoy your time back home.

Katy said...

EWWWWW I don't do well with roaches. Thankfully here I haven't seen any of those, but lots of spiders and right now these ridiculously huge June bugs. UGGG!

But even more so I'm with you one the deployments suck thing. Fort Campbell currently has tons of homecomings going on and has for the past several months. But who's hubby is in the smaller brigade stationed here that's on the off rotation and therefore just left a few months ago? That's right this chic here. I want to be happy for all these friends I see when they post homecoming photos, but it's just too much. We're almost 4 months in and this is our second deployment so it's not like I'm new to this, but still I can't but help feel, well, bitter. Ok end rant.
Anyway thanks so much for always making my night a little brighter!

JessRaquel said...

Looking at that huge roach made me totally nauseous. I hate roaches and I do the EXACT (to the freaking t) routine you did in handling them lol

Charity said...

I see that you were watching Harry Potter on your laptop! I agree...the last HP movie coming out looks really good! Have you ever Skyped using your iphone? I have an Android phone and have downloaded the Skype app but haven't tried it out yet. Just wondering if someone else had any experience with it on a phone. Good think you had Raid on hand! I hate bugs. Yuck!