10 May, 2011

Gettin' Ready...

On the long list of things to do before my hubby gets home is redoing the living room. About 1.5 weeks ago, I made the first {of probably many} purchase of Americana decor! =) After waiting very impatiently for it to ship, I checked the tracking number like a stalker. Haha. When I checked it on Saturday, it said "Delivered"! I all but ran down to the mailbox and came back with my lovely box of goodies. Here's what I got:

Eep!! Cute, right?! I am in love!! Of course I immediately unwrapped them and put them in their proper places!! You wouldn't expect any less of me, would you? ;-)

So, all weekend I sat on my couch and stared at the really bad mixture of beach and Americana decorations. It didn't look so hot!! On my list of things to do today was to remedy that situation. I also needed to purchase a dress for my BIL's wedding in a couple weeks. Oh, and I badly needed an eyebrow wax. =P

After I finally got off my toosh and got motivated, I headed out to do all of that. First I got the eyebrow wax out of the way. It was..well, successful. I won't say painless. =P The technician {is that what they're called?} kept asking me if I was okay!! I know that I flinch when the paper gets ripped off, and my eyes water... So maybe she thought she was killing me? Lol! I have no idea, but I really kept thinking "Geez, lady I'm fine just do your job!" But before she even started she asked me if I wanted to get my upper lip waxed too. The whole stinkin' time I kept wondering if I actually needed it, because why else would she suggest it? Later, Annie said that they ask her that every time too.. You know, because they want more money. I swear I can be so naive sometimes!

After I got waxed, I headed over to Ross. I went through three racks of dresses and tried on about 9 different ones. I really wish I was kidding! I love Ross, but they don't always have the best clothing selection... After round 2 in the dressing room, I finally decided on this one {with help from the bestie via text/picture messages =)}:

I love it. =)

Please excuse the bad dressing room photo. =P

My favorite part.
{Other than the fact that it's a size 8. ;-)}

After finding my dress and running into my friend Courtney a half dozen times, I wandered over to the picture frames. You never know what you're going to find at Ross so I figured it couldn't hurt. I really wanted to get another large, matted frame to hang up in the entryway so I could move things around in the living room. I totally lucked out! I found a really great 11x14 frame (matted to 8x10) for $10! =D Woo! And then I came home and did all this {in no order whatsoever}:

{Ok, I did this one on Saturday. =P}

I love this photo so much better in this frame!

I created that "Home is where the Army sends us" print on my computer. It wasn't supposed to turn out brown and I tried to fix it earlier, but it wasn't cooperating. Brown it is until then. =P Oh, and that frame also fell down earlier. Jasper and I about jumped out of our skin! Although I think I was more worried about my precious Mac than anything. Luckily, God intervened and the Mac came out unscathed. Oh, and the frame wasn't injured either. ;-) 

I still have two trouble spots in the house...

The entertainment center...

and the ledge by the door. *sigh*

I think it requires another Etsy purchase...or two. ;-) Luckily, all the stuff that I love on Etsy is reasonably priced. I can't decide if I want to make another order now or wait until I get back from AR in a couple weeks. Decisions, decisions.

In other "getting ready" news, Annie and I have decided {via Twitter, of course} that we're going to have homecoming decorating parties when it gets closer!! I'm really, super excited about this. I don't know what kind of decorations to even think of getting. I've already got my [NOT FREE] homecoming banner, but I think I want to do a little more than that. Any ideas?

The closer it gets, the more excited I get... But at the same time it still feels so far away. I still have a trip home and our anniversary to get through before all that. And with his internet being as uncooperative as ever, it's hard to feel excited. I guess I should be excited that I won't have to deal with it much longer, but it's still hard. Hopefully the problem will be resolved soon and we can talk more than once a week. 

I just have to keep reminding myself that I can do this and that it will be over soon!! And until then, I can hang out with my deployment sister, Annie. =) And maybe Annie, Miranda and I will have another sewing party {or two or three} too! 

Hope your week is off to a great start!


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Gah such cute stuff!! You look fabulous in that dress too :)

TheStrengthBehindtheStrong.com said...

I've been following you for a while, but I haven't commented before. But I'm so glad to see your donut of misery is down to 12%! Your house looks great too -- love all the patriotic decor. Looks like you're ready for the big homecoming!

Lou said...

your dress is awesome!!! I also love your new frames!! I need to go buy frames... desperately

JG said...

I love your new decor! I still want to do a red, white and blue theme one day, but we've got so much invested in this brown and green, I think I'll wait! :)

LOVE the dress! Excellent choice!