22 April, 2011

Thursday Things

Ah, the day of the week when randomness is okay because it has a nice title. ;-) I'm pretty sure I had a great coherent post thought up yesterday, but as usual it's already forgotten. Oh well!

First things first, I am finally getting to talk to Joe on a mostly regular basis again. His internet got fixed (and by "fixed" I mean it cuts in and out when it wants to and makes Skyping interesting) a few days ago and we've been able to chat a few times and Skype once. I'm just glad I can talk with him in "real time" instead of waiting for emails. Though there were days that all I wanted was an email. =P Funny how that works isn't it?

Just another super-blurry, delayed Skype chat brought to you by The Sandbox.

In even better news, we have dates!!!!! These are always subject to change, but they've been the same for about a week now so that's good. It's really, really coming to an end and one day in the near future, my hubby will be home! I so can't wait.

Woop, woop! =D


I have been crafty to the max lately!! It's almost a little scary. =P First with those towels for the kitchen on Monday... And the fabric basket... And yesterday, I made two more fabric baskets and a headband for myself!! 

I ended up not being able to volunteer yesterday because as soon as I got to the museum, the power went out! I swear, Hawaii has the craziest power outages. Anyway, I went to the commissary and then I came home to be crafty. And I am really loving the results!

See the two baskets on the left and right ends of the table? Oh, how I love them!! I wish I'd made the one for mail a little bit bigger, but it works well enough. I am too tired of making them to want to make a larger one, so that's just gonna have to do.

Closeup of the keys/sunglasses basket

This is my favorite one. =) It's a really nice catch-all for the junk I'm carrying when I walk in the door. And it'll be even better once Joe's home. He likes to take his phone, keys, wallet and whatever else he's carrying out of his pockets as soon as he walks in. Sometimes, they end up all over the house and he's searching for whatever item the next time he needs it. I'm hoping this will solve that problem. 

Now for the headband. =) Since I did so well with my first ruffles, I decided I'd try one for a headband. My hair is at that not-quite-short-but-not-quite-long-either stage which will all know and love. {sarcasm} Most of the time I'm fighting with my hair to stay back out of my face...so enter headband. =) I made this one with some elastic, but I'm wanting to experiment with gluing it onto a plastic one next.

I think it turned out well, don't you?! I wore it today, but no compliments (except from my Twitter friends!) were received. Oh well. =P I still like it. Even if it did make me look a few years younger than I really am. 


Continuing with Operation: Pretty House, tomorrow I will be visiting Ross (and possibly WalMart) for a valance for the kitchen! I also might be purchasing a drill if I find one for the right price. We really do need one... I know I can always ask friends to borrow one, but it would still be nice to have one here. 

Also, hubby has given me the "go ahead" to start purchasing Americana decor from Etsy! I still can't decide what I want my first purchase to be. Should I get prints to frame?

{found here}

Or should I get some wood art to place on shelves?

*sigh* I can't decide! I love just about everything I come across on Etsy...which is a problem all by itself! Haha! =)


Well, I guess that just about covers everything! I'm off to go watch my DVR'ed episode of Bones since I was talking to Joe when it was on. That and I'm still bitter that Grey's was a rerun again this week. I hope there's a long string of new episodes coming up, because I'm really getting frustrated!! {end rant}

Smile, it's almost the weekend!!! 


The Glamorous Army Wife said...

First, I love the hair in the pic, so I will give you a lovely compliment on it. Secondly, I love the donut of misery. lol.

So happy he will be home soon. Deployment sucks. I am glad I found your blog today. i will be following.

Come visit if you have time.

JG said...

I had a great decorating week myself. Nothing makes you feel quite so accomplished@ (Or, me. :)) Of course, I bought my stuff, since I have no sewing/crafty skills. So I am basking in your glory right now. :)

Julie said...

Yay for dates :) Etsy is addicting...lol

Laura said...

What an adorable headband!
And... hooray for dates! :D

Mrs. C said...

I must say, I am loving the fabric baskets! One day you will have to show me how to make some. Hope you're having a good week, friend!