19 April, 2011


Earlier today, I asked this question to all my Twitter and FB peeps:

Is it still called nesting if I'm getting the house ready for my husband to come home?

I swear, it's like a caught some spring cleaning/house redecorating bug! All I've wanted to do since Friday is overhaul my house! And yesterday, I caught the sewing bug again. =) I spent yesterday afternoon with two of the most fabulous ladies on the island, Annie and Miranda! Annie made some extremely yummy enchiladas, and we spent the afternoon sewing! I worked on a quilt for my nephew, Miranda worked on a baby bib and Annie made a camera strap cover. I think my project showed the least progress, but quilts are kinda that way sometimes especially when you're a procrastinator like me. We had a great time being crafty, eating yummy food and chatting. And of course, I left wanting to do a thousand sewing projects of my own. =P

After I chatted with Melissa on Skype this morning, I decided I needed to do some things around the house. Since I spent Saturday afternoon hacking at my back yard {and killing my arms in the process}, I didn't do the usual Saturday laundry. So I started some laundry and worked on the dishes. Then I got to looking around the kitchen... Suddenly I was really annoyed with the setup. It really just wasn't working for me. 

What's a girl to do in a time like that? Move things around, of course!! After I pulled almost everything off the counters, I had to clean them! And then I cleaned off the coffee maker and toaster... And the stove... I also had to wash the vase thingy that holds my cooking utensils. Then I put everything where it needed to be. Finally, I was satisfied. =)

Then I set off to complete my kitchen's "new" look. I had to embellish some tea towels!! I'd actually used these for the same project around Christmas. Honestly, I didn't like them that much... So I repurposed them! I ripped out the seams for the Christmas fabric and started anew. Then I pulled out the coffee fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby back in December {I still can't believe I let it sit in my drawer that long!} and got to work.

The finished product. =) But the more I looked at them - pretty as they were - they still seemed to be missing something. After switching out some laundry and folding the clean clothes, I went back to work. This was the end result. 


Cute, right?! There were a few things I could/should have done differently, but I think they turned out alright! They definitely make a nice addition to my kitchen. =)

Ah, sweet reorganization and decoration! It really amazes me that some new towels and reorganization can make such a difference! 

After some more laundry folding {I really waited too long to do laundry this week} and a quick snack break, I went back to sewing. =) Next up on my list was fabric baskets. I only ended up making one because it took me so stinkin' long. My machine was being a bit of a pain and I think I was getting a little tired. I even settled for a little fabric glue to finish it off, but only because I just knew I'd break a needle...or the sewing machine if I attempted to sew through that many layers. Anyway, here was the final [tiny] result.

See? Tiny. It would probably be fine if I didn't put things other than keys in it. I'm going to make 2 more sometime soon. This one may end up on my desk for sticky notes or something once I have the bigger ones. I want one of them to hold our keys, sunglasses, and pens and then another one on the other side of the table for mail. I'm always dumping it somewhere, so at least this way it would have its own little space.

Isn't the other side just begging for its own little matching basket?! I thought so. ;-) I also need to get a valance for that silly window and then the kitchen will be done!

After that I need to work on the redo of the living room... Like ordering Americana decor from Etsy (where else?!), getting a slipcover for the couch, and making some covers for our pillows. I'm going to be a busy girl!! Plus, I have a quilt and scrapbook to make! Those have to be done by next month! This is what I get for being crafty. =P

Yes, I think it's safe to say that I'm nesting. I don't think that term should just be reserved for pregnant ladies. It should be for military wives prepping for homecoming too!


kirstieJayy said...

such a cute post! and i am very impressed with your crafting abillities! :)
and it is safe to say you are nesting, but im sure thats half the fun right? it makes homecoming that much more real and on its way! :)
have fun! and happy tuesday!

Amanda said...

your kitchen looks super cute!
love the tea towels, so creative! i bet you could sell those! :D

Kaylee said...

Yep, definitely nesting!!! I did the same thing right before Max came home! And those ruffle additions on the towels?!?! ADORABLE!!!!

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

Yes...homecoming prep = nesting...haha :) I love the towels and basket you did!! I had a fantastic time hanging out this weekend. I swear every time we hang out I end up with a gazillion more ideas for projects! I love having crafty and creative friends....especially when they're fabulous like you!!