02 March, 2011


I'm not exactly sure why, but a lot of things about today kind of surprised me.

I got up this morning and headed off to the gym for pilates class after impatiently waiting for my hubby to get online...which never happened. I went with Mrs. C to pilates where we ran into Chantal and Jennifer - 2 other bloggie friends! - who just got out of spin class! Small world, I tell ya! It was nice to be able to introduce all of them. Though, I felt a little bit like an idiot when I couldn't say Jennifer's name. =P For the life of me, I can't figure out why it wouldn't come out of my mouth! *facepalm* Anyway, pilates was awesome! Except that it killed me. =P And I got sort of dizzy... I think it was a combination of the wacko gym (think small high school basketball gym) lighting, the humidity, lack of air circulation and me working my butt off. A lot of the exercises were the same as the ones I've been doing at home through videos, so that was nice. What was not nice was the lack of pausing and the horrible sound. It was probably just where I was sitting, but I could barely hear what the instructor was saying. I got a really good workout though! My legs totally felt like jello afterwards! Let's not even talk about my abs!

Once I got home, I really just wanted to die on the couch. =P I couldn't, though, because I needed to get ready to go volunteer at the museum. While I was getting ready, I watched part 2 of The Bachelor because my STUPID DVR didn't record the entire second hour! Aaaaaah! It also failed to record the second half of a lot of shows today. I may have to call them about this. Hmph. Anyway. Holy. Cow. I was kind of glad he sent Ashley home and honestly, I can't believe she made it this long! She has a really bad attitude. The entire time I was watching it today, Brad kept saying how they were miscommunicating. Noooo, Ashley just doesn't know how to communicate! Which, to me, means that there's no point in pursuing a relationship with someone who can't talk to you. Been there, done that. Anyway, I'm happy that Emily and Chantal are his last 2. I have a feeling he'll end up with Emily. What are your thoughts?

After I rushed out the door to go to the museum, I wound up in the world's worst post traffic!!! Honestly, traffic to get on post is never, ever, ever that bad! It took me 25 minutes to get to the museum. Usually, I get there in 15. That's not terrible, but it's very unusual...and kind of annoying. =P For some reason, I got a little bored/silly while I was working on deaccessioning (getting rid of) books in the closet they like to call "the cage." I'd explain why, but it would take too long. Maybe I'll take a picture one day. =P Anyway, I took a picture of me in "the cage" today.

The lighting really sucks, but other than that I think it's a pretty good picture of me. =) Maybe I'll play with it and fix it. Later.

I didn't end up doing a whole lot at the museum today because K (the curator) and I ended up chatting. It's probably mostly my fault; I've been super chatty lately. I think it's because I'm alone a lot (thanks, deployment) and don't have the opportunity to just talk very often. If I've been overly chatty around you lately, I apologize. This is not normal for me. Swearsies. (Melissa, this doesn't go for you. I hope that's understood at this point in our relationship. =P)

After thoroughly enjoying myself at the museum, I headed to Chantal's! She has been meaning to give me this battery-operated fan for several weeks now. Why, you ask? Well, in January (it's MARCH now! Woohoo!) we had an astronomical amount of power outages. One of them occurred at night... If any of you know me, you know that I can. not. sleep without a fan. I just can't. When I was little, I had to sleep with a humidifier thanks to the 9 bazillion colds, ear infections and respiratory infections I would get. Then that grew into sleeping with a fan in my room. Every person in my family sleeps with a fan. I'm not kidding. Therefore, I need a fan to be able to sleep. I have a "noise maker" which works ok for the noise, but notsomuch for the air circulation. So, I now have a fan that doesn't need to be plugged in! Thanks, Chantal!!

Then, we went to the PX for a few things and ended up getting an early dinner there too. It was a fun little trip. =) While I was there, I got that Murad body wash (for the yucky bacne) that I was talking about! Thanks to a very lovely blogger/army wife here on the island, I found out that the PX sells it!! I had NO idea! It's not going to save me a TON of money, but some of the items I use are a lot cheaper. Since I've already got my 2 month supply, I'm not sure what I'm going to do just get. The PX doesn't have everything that I use (or would need in the future), so I'm not sure... We'll see. But it is good to know that they sell it. =)

Possibly the most surprising thing today happened during American Idol. I know, it's completely random. But, that's just the way I roll. ;-) I was sitting on the couch, about to eat some Skinny Cow ice cream when Scotty (the country singer...amazingly deep voice) comes on stage and starts singing "Letter From Home." Have any of you heard this song!? 

As soon as he started singing, I started tearing up. By the time he hit the chorus, I was bawling. Shoot, I was inconsolable! Never in my life have I cried so much while listening to a song. Never!! It was the strangest thing ever!!! I've even heard this song before! I don't know if it's just because I'm a milspouse or because I haven't talked to Joe today, but that just hit me so. hard. I'm just thankful I had that ice cream. =P

More surprising (or maybe not, since we knew it was going to happen...), I just got a text from Chantal saying our friend Christina is in labor!!! =D Very exciting!! 


ACUs and ABCs said...

I think he is going to pick Emily too!

Andrea said...

I'm not very consistent in watching Idol but he is my favorite! While Eric was in basic he used to always quote that song at the end of his letters :)

Lou said...

letters from home is one of my favorite songs im going to have to youtube this american idol version!

Katie said...

Oh my-- watching Brad's conversation with Ashley was PAINFUL. And, I think he'll pick Chantal, but I'll feel really bad for Emily if I'm right.

❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you were able to check out the Murad. When I saw it, I immediately thought of you, remembering that you had mentioned it a while back in your blog.