19 March, 2011

Roller Coasters Suck

Particularly emotional roller coasters. And I've been on one of those pretty much all day today. I know part of it is that dear Aunt Flo is coming soon and I'm sure the other part is that I haven't been feeling well for a few days. Add in a few frustrations and I suppose that's enough to make any girl a hot, emotional mess.

My day started out well enough, though. I chatted with Joe for a while and then Melissa and I talked for a while on Skype. Then, I decided I'd do a few things around the house. I bought a Swiffer Sweep Vac yesterday and I really wanted to try it out. It works like a charm!! Seriously, I think it might be one of the best things I've ever bought. There's still some Jasper hairs on the floor, but I can handle that. Then I mopped! *gasp* ;-) I did a few other things, and then my mom called to tell me that my Papa had been put in the hospital. He's been sick and refused to go to the doctor until today. At first they thought he had blood clots in his lungs. He's prone to clots, which is one of many reasons he was in the hospital last summer. She didn't sound too concerned, so after we hung up I decided to go about my day.

After lunch, I finally got out the door and headed to WalMart. You see, I have just become sort of addicted to Cinnamon Burst Cheerios. I found a box at the commissary a couple weeks ago and decided to try them since Mom had said they were good. Well, when I was at the commissary yesterday there wasn't a single box in sight. Luckily, Annie had informed me during a Twitter conversation that WalMart stocks them. =) Hence the trip. I ended up buying some sewing supplies and a couple other things I hadn't really planned on. Isn't that the way it always goes at wally world though?

After my unplanned spending, I decided it was time to wash my dirty car. Oh, I've let it go for so long. It almost made me a little sad every time I looked at it. So I went to an automatic wash, paid for the "deluxe" wash (though not their "best" choice) and waited my turn. After it was done, I was kind of excited and proud that I'd finally taken care of it. Then I got home. Turns out that it didn't work that well. My car is sort of clean... There are still streaks of dirt. *sigh* I see another trip there in my future.

On my way home,  Mom called to tell me that Papa just had fluid on his lungs and that they were sending him home with a water pill and potassium. I was relieved, but then couldn't help think of the "what ifs" and remembering events passed with him. It's hard for me not to be there when things like this happen...even if no one really wants to be there for it. I ended up crying and then getting mad at myself for being worked up when he's going to be fine.

Instead of being all upset all afternoon, I decided to be productive and work on a baby gift for a girl in the FRG. Her shower is next week but I figured while I was wanting to be productive, I might as well take advantage of it. About 1.5 hours later, I ended up with these:

2 burp cloths and a taggie/crinkly toy (I put cellophane in between the 2 pieces of fabric) for a baby girl! The only thing I had to go out and buy to make these was the batting for the burp cloths. Everything else I already had! I also bought a card, but I don't really think that counts. So now I'm all prepared for the next baby shower! Go me!

Next roller coaster moment? Waiting for Joe to get online. Tonight started his day off and we had set a "date" to Skype. I know his schedule pretty well, so when 2030 rolled around I figured I just wasn't going to get to talk to him. I silently cursed the internet in the sandbox and/or his NCOs making him work - whatever it was that was keeping him from talking to me. So, I turned on the Xbox and tried to find something good to watch on Netflix. Once I had decided on LOST, I went to the kitchen for ice cream. And whaddaya know? He gets online. =P 'Bout time!!

At first, we had a great connection... (which is extremely rare) Then, my webcam was be finicky so I tried to call him back. Then he called me back. It went on this way for a while until we decided to ditch Skype for iChat. (We think the main problem was that he hadn't downloaded the update for Skype and I had.) This is the first time we've been able to get iChat to work using video! I was pretty excited. =)

Not the greatest picture, but I'm used to that by now. I think he had a really great connection today. We had only one interruption and iChat worked! I'd much rather use iChat, but the video calling doesn't always work as well as Skype does. Anyway, Joe was even able to get Jasper's attention tonight. =)

 See him there in the bottom right corner? Joe was talking to him, and at one point Jasper even brought his blanket and put it up on my laptop!!! It was so cute! I wish I had gotten a screen shot of it, but it was pretty hard to maneuver. =P

One of the not so great chat moments happened when he said he wanted to get lunch. It's sad, really. He says he needs to go eat and I start crying because we don't get to talk face to face like this very often. *sigh* Guilt trip much? I didn't mean to do it, it just happened!! He kept asking me what was wrong and I just felt so bad telling him. =( I do want him to eat, but I also want to talk to him! Life just really isn't fair. =P Luckily the crying spell didn't last long. My hubby is really good at cheering me up:

For the record, I am wearing a shirt - just a tank top. =P 

Hahaha! Silly hubby! At one point, he was moving back and forth and he looked like a big 'ole pixelated sleeping bag or something. It was hilarious. Probably one of those "ya had to be there" moments though. =)

Overall, it wasn't a bad day. I just wish I wasn't so emotional sometimes. I'm more emotional while AF is around, and I get...emotional/touchy when I'm sick too. *sigh* Maybe both will go away soon. I'd really like to not have to go to the doctor again...and there's really nothing I can do about AF. But at least I know I have this hottie to cheer me up when I need it. =)

 Seriously, doesn't he look hot in that picture?!

Hope your weekend is off to a good start!!


❈ Annie - Blonde Glambition ❈ said...

YAY! I'm glad you were able to find more of the cheerios. I swear those things are sooo addicting. I usually hate cereal, but I can't stop eating those :)

I hear you on the emotional ups and downs, too. Life seems to be throwing a lot of curve balls lately. Fingers crossed that better days come our way :)

hmb said...

Glad your Papa was released from the hospital!