21 March, 2011

Getting to Know You

I was super excited when Keely over at MannLand5 decided to bring this back!! I kinda missed it. =)

So, here's this week's questions!

1. if you won the title of miss america, what would your platform be?
Ha. Well, probably not world peace. It's soooo overdone. Probably something like education reform, considering I was going to be a teacher once upon a time.

2. outdoorsy or indoorsy?
I like to think I'm a little bit of both. Ok, that's a lie. I'm definitely a little bit of both. I like to be inside reading, watching TV or doing some craft. But I've also been camping, I like to do the ATV thing (and did a lot when I lived at home), take a walk in the woods, I've hiked before...I like to shoot guns on occasion... Are you satisfied yet? =P

3. pajama's out in public..classy or tres tacky?
Tacky. There is absolutely nothing classy about wearing bed clothes in public. Even sweat pants are questionable in my book. {Note: This is from the girl who doesn't go to the shopette without mascara.}

4. what's your favorite room in your house?
Um... I don't really know. I spend most of my time in the living room, but I think our bedroom is the most relaxing place in the house. Does that count?

5. nook, kindle, or book?
Nook! Although, I do still read normal books. =) But I don't have to lug around a whole bunch of books with my handy-dandy Nook. It travels with me on the plane, to doctor's offices and we spend many a night cuddled up in bed together. Shhh. Don't tell my husband. ;-)

6. would you rather wear the same outfit for a week or not brush your teeth for a week?
Ew! Umm... Either way it's kinda bad... I think I'd choose not to brush my teeth. At least you can chew gum and pop mints! I figure the same outfit would be getting pretty smelly and there's not much you could do about that.

7. what's your favorite blog at the moment?
Hum. I'm not sure I really have one. But, I have frequented Homemade by Jill a lot lately because I've been making baby shower gifts. 

8. lately i've been daydreaming about.........?
My hubby. =) Having him home again... Talking, laughing, watching movies on the couch... You know, the normal things. I just miss us...just being silly...hanging out - the simple things.

circa 2007

Lucky for me, the donut is looking a little bit better...

Hope you had a fantabulous weekend! =)


ACUs and ABCs said...

your donut's looking pretty good :)

Kaylee said...

Homemade by Jill - super cute site with some super cute ideas!!! I have such a sewing itch right now!!!

Keely said...

victoria's secret sweats are the only ones i will wear in public..and yoga pants.

when does your hubby come home? i'm daydreaming about mine coming home and he'll only be gone 3 days..you military wives are amazing!

happy monday!


Priscilla said...

I agree with the sweatpants or pj's! Ick!

~The Buzuleciu's~ said...

Pajamas should NEVER be worn in public!! The only time where it would be somewhat okay is if you're going to the E.R. at like 2am in an extreme emergency!