31 March, 2011


This week, I have been inspired by some Elton John songs thanks to American Idol. I big, pink, puffy heart American Idol. Lucky for me I get to watch it without the hubby whining and complaining about it. =P One of the few perks of deployment. I digress. I also love me some Elton John. Maybe it's in my blood or maybe it's just because I grew up with my mom listening to it. She big, pink, puffy hearts him, as does my uncle. My mom has pretty much been in heaven what with Stevie Wonder performing last week and this week being all about some Elton. Haha. =) 

Anyway, I chose two of my favorite Elton John songs to link up with Goodnight Moon for her What's YOUR Song? linky party. Take it away, Sir Elton! ;-)

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I love that they showed Haley working on "Bennie and the Jets," and the producer told the pianist to really bang the piano. =) Believe or not, my uncle plays the piano exactly like that. He's freakin' amazing. Even if I am being biased, it's really the truth. Every time he goes to visit my mom, they end up singing/playing the piano. That poor piano (now at my Nana's) pretty much gets beat to death every time he visits. =P And, yeah, he totally played at my wedding. And every time I hear that song, I think of the movie 27 Dresses, where they're up on the bar singing it. =) It also reminds me of Joe, because he likes it so much. 

Then there's "Your Song." I think it reminds me of Joe too. He wrote me a song when we were dating. I have the lyrics, but I don't think I really want to share. Not that I couldn't, but... It's just something sweet and private. Maybe one day. =) He also wrote me a song on the piano...but I'm pretty sure he's forgotten it by now. Maybe that's why I think of him when I hear Your Song.

Hope you enjoyed my choices this week!! 


Jen said...

I totally love "Your Song" too :) I was actually thinking about using that sound as my link up but mind changed :)

Kris said...

I love me some Elton John! Excellent choices.

Amanda said...

LOVED watching her sing Bennie & the Jets - my favorite performance of the night!

Goodnight moon said...

Sir Elton John...never fails...he is just pure awesomeness! Everything he sings is awesome. But when I hear this song, I think of the movie Moulin Rouge.

I have to say, I haven't watched any of AI this year. I know...shame on me. I just couldn't get into it for some reason?

And that is so sweet that hubs wrote you a song! So sweet!!!!

Thanks for linking up again this week!

Marine Wife Unplugged said...

Great song. I for one would love to meet your uncle. It's the musician in me, I suppose. :D

Charity said...

I totally just watched 27 Dresses last night! It's such a cute movie and I love the whole Bennie and the Jets part too! =)

~The Buzuleciu's~ said...

I heart Sir Elton John!

"B-B-B-Benny and the Jetssssssssss..."

How romantic that Joe wrote you a song :)

Joan said...

New follower...I love Sir Elton! All of his stuff is great! Thanks for sharing!