16 February, 2011

Post-VDay High

I went in to good 'ole VDay with a pretty good attitude! My hubby called me just after midnight while I was still in bed reading. It was definitely a surprise and those always make me happy. I also had the promise of "a delivery" later in the day. Joe had encouraged me to go shopping for an outfit at Charlotte Rousse, but I declined because I wanted to be home to get "my delivery."

I started the day with a workout (that's definitely a new one for me!) and shortly after, my mom called. I think she was just calling to make sure I wasn't in a deep, dark, depressing hole. I was cool. I had lunch, I showered and that's when things started going downhill. See, I was hoping "the delivery" would come earlyish so I could still go shopping. Well...since I'm not going on and on about how I got flowers yesterday, you can guess what happened. I ended up being home all day doing dishes, laundry and attempting other things...and getting nothing. Joe got online that night and I told him (he was upset too..just in a different way). To top everything off, he couldn't talk but for about 3 minutes. 

Best VDay ever, right? {sarcasm}

Later that night, a friend of mine popped into town! This in itself is extremely random given the fact that I live in the middle of an ocean. She works for an airline and randomly takes trips across the world. Anyway. She posted on FB that she was here and I commented, of course. We talked back and forth about getting together and finally decided on lunch today. Yay! I was so excited! I really haven't seen her in years, so it would be nice to see her. After a quick email to the museum curator letting her know I wouldn't be in, I decided on the next day's plan: Lunch with friend and then shopping! Doesn't get much better than that, right?!

I got up and around earlier this morning than I usually do. My friend and her, um, guy were planning on going to Pearl Harbor and then we were going to do lunch. Most people go early because you can't get tickets if you don't. I assumed early. I got ready. I sat. I waited. Nothing. Noon rolls around and I'm absolutely starving. People with hypoglycemia really can't wait until 1, 2 or 3 p.m. to eat lunch. After confirming my thoughts with Melissa, I ate lunch and then headed to the outlet mall.

Friend never called (but she did text around 4p.m. inviting me to dinner. I politely declined because of my Skype date with Joe. =)). But it was ok. I did some serious shopping! And only in one store! Would you like to see the loot!? What am I thinking? Of course you want to see it! ;-)

I SO love all the bows!!
This is my favorite, I think.

I love this one too, but it's not grey.
My camera sucks.

I also got these cute sandals!
Can't go wrong with those!

I was getting very excited about all of my clothes, until I saw this:

I don't know what to do about this. Should I attempt to remove it myself? Should I take it to another store close by to see if they could remove it? Or should I wait until Sunday - when I'm back in the area - and take it to Charlotte Russe? 

After calling my mom and hitting up the commissary for some much-needed food, I came home. As usual, I put the groceries away, brought in my cute clothes and took Jasper to get the mail. And what did I find in my teeny tiny mailbox?! This!

The package, not the phone silly readers. =P

I got a thrill out of seeing Edmond, OK on my package.
Home! =D Well, OK is home. Not Edmond.

Lookie what I got!!!! 
Protection for my precious iPhone!

This thing was a pain in the BUTT to get on!
But (haha) it looks cute and keeps my phone safe from all my klutziness.

The back. I *heart* being able to see the Apple.

I also got this...contraption.
I was terrified that it was part of the cover and not an extra part.
How hideous would that have been!?

I have to say this is the first time I've had such a great day after a really crappy VDay. I still haven't gotten "a delivery," but I think the hubby is more upset about that than I am. He's supposedly working something out to make it up to me. Belated VDay gifts through out the week? Yes, please! ;-)

I hope y'all enjoyed the VDay blog swap yesterday! Thanks again to Wife on the Roller Coaster for hosting! And if you missed my post, you can go here to check it out.


heather said...

I have had the same problem with clothing before. Just call the store and explain it to them and let them know it will be a few days before you can get over to that side of town then just take it to the store with your receipt and show them that you bought it yesterday and when you got home you noticed the alarm thing. There usually isn't a problem. I would not try and remove it on your own since some are filled with blue or black dye that stains. Hope this helps..

Melissa said...

cute stuff! I *LOVE* that tank top with the bows and that cowl-neckish top, but overall I love it all haha. I would just take it back to the original store, even though you'll have to wait a few days. This has happened to me before and I took it back and they took it off and didn't give me any problems with it. As Heather mentioned I also suggest not trying to remove it yourself.

Jen said...

I love the sandals!!! Super cute!

Skinnie Piggie said...

My husband once ended up taking one of those off a shirt my sister bought for me in AZ (which would have looked really suspicious taking to a store on the east coast since it was my college)... he chipped away and the bottom portion of plastic with pliers for like 4hrs.

I do not recommend doing that in your case though, call the store, bring the receipt, and TADA! Fixed =)

Cute stuff!

Chantal said...

Love the clothes!! Were they on the sale rack or not? I so need to go down there and shop.

JG said...

I love all your finds! Those tops are too cute! Sorry your day didn't go as planned. I hate when that happens. But it sounds like you made a good day out of it, overall. And hey, who doesn't love belated vday gifts?? But I bet Joe is really upset the "delivery" didn't get there on time. I know SoldierMan would be beside himself.

McDancer said...

Adorable clothes! I wouldn't try to remove the tag though, some are filled with dye and even the ones that aren't usually end up ruining the clothing.
As for the Otter case, hubby has the same one {well in black ;) } It's definitely good protection with a toddler around.

Mrs. Monkey said...

I have managed to pry one of those apart before. Just make sure it's not the ink filled kind, which it doesn't look to be. I used a fork. Killed the fork, but I got the darned thing off.

Lou said...

ughh that happened to me one time, and it sucked cause i lived about 4 hours from the store and no stores nearby....some how a lighter did the trick but usually you can take it anywhere and ask, just have recipet. what a bummer

hmb said...

Cute clothes!! And how neat that you got to randomly meet with one of your old friends? I used to want to be a flight attendant back in the day! But then I decided I didn't like people that much...