17 February, 2011

Betcha Didn't Know...

I'm feeling quite random today. Part of it is because I'm tired and the other part is...well, just me. ;-) For your reading pleasure today, I'm treating you to a list of what I like to call "Fun Facts" about me. Enjoy. =)

❊ I drink sweet tea by the gallon. If there is a tea shortage in our house, beware!

❊ I like to be organized, but I hate filing things away. Instead, I organize them into a drawer.

❊ I love coffee, but I rarely drink it anymore.

❊ I'm a sucker for cute socks.

❊ I still make CDs to listen to in the car. Ours doesn't have the handy "Audio In" jack. *sigh* Also, Joe has my our iPod. {Which may or may not have bitten the dust. Literally.}

❊ I over analyze ev-er-ry-thing. Something stupid I did or said...an entire day's events. Someone else's motives, thoughts, actions... It's bad. Really bad.

❊ Before I met Joe, I hated wine. I'm slowly getting to the loving-it stage.

❊ I have known my bestie's husband longer than I have known my own.

❊ I'm a freakin' klutz. Walls, doorways, cracks in the sidewalk, random steps and the "little man" in the carpet are all out to get me. I have, indeed, fallen UP stairs. That, my friends, takes real talent.

❊ I sleep with a daddy doll tucked in on Joe's side of the bed. Yeah. I'm that girl.

❊ I really miss playing the piano. 

❊ I was never, ever, ever a partier. Not in high school or college. I have been drunk maybe twice...and still coherent enough to remember everything and form sentences.

❊ Chocolate is my weakness. Oh wait. I think you knew that already. ;-)

❊ Tulips are - by far - my favorite flower. They're just so happy and sweet! I've loved them as long as I can remember. Nana used to plant them in her garden when they lived in AR. I can remember drawing them - as part of Nana's garden - when I was little. This is why, when I got "my delivery" today, I was more than thrilled.

Eeeep! =D

The best part is...we had just talked about this last night. Well, he was frustrated about the situation and said he'd contacted another company, etc. I very discreetly (*wink, wink*) asked if I could have tulips. He replied with the typical "we'll see" and left it at that. Since he'd said "we'll see" last night, I thought "Oh my gosh?! Did he order them just because I asked?" Then I felt bad. (See? Over-analyzing.) And then, I looked at the card:

Epic, epic FAIL. He did tell me something was supposed to come on Saturday. I didn't believe him. So, my VDay gift was really 2 days late for VDay, but FOUR days later than it was supposed to be delivered. Joe was glad that I'd finally gotten them, but he's still not happy about it. I'm totally with him on this one. But, that means that he ordered me tulips without me asking for them!!!! Major, major points for the hubby. Oh, if he was home.... ;-) Hahaha! 

Being the lover of tulips that I am, I grabbed another vase, put water in it and took two tulips out of the larger vase. I think I need to be able to enjoy my flowers in more than one room. So, I put them in my bedroom on my night stand. =)

Now I have my happy flowers right where I can see them in the morning! I also have a very sweet card...but I'm thinking that's going to stay with just me. =) No need to make all of you ladies jealous. Haha! According to Joe, I also have one more surprise coming. Can't wait to see what it is!

Hope y'all enjoyed my randomness!


Lynnie said...

That wine liking thing gets stronger the more kids you have and the older you get....trust me!

Melissa said...

lol I make CDs too because my car also doesn't have that cool iPod jack!

Kaylee said...

I LOVE tulips too!!!! They are awesome! Oh! And sweet tea?! My weakness...

AND, I have fallen UP the stairs before. Probably more than once. You're not alone, ha ha!!!

Skinnie Piggie said...

I make CDs because my car doesn't have a audio in & I don't own an ipod... how "stuck in the dark ages? am I? Haha... tulips are my 2nd favorite, Peruvian lilies are my #1 (which hubby totally surprised me with!!)

~The Buzuleciu's~ said...

OMGosh, #'s 1,2,3,4,6 and especially #7 totally apply to me too! Sadly, I also trip UP the stairs....on a regular basis :)
I spent 4 years in Georgia when I was 8, and theres no such thing as too sweet tea! ;)
I still love those tulips....now I want some in my house! "Oh, Kevinnnnnnnnnnnn....." hehe

hmb said...

I can drink ridiculous amounts of sweet tea too!! But I had to stop because it started hanging around...if you know what I mean. Enter Weight Watchers.

I wasn't a party-chick in college either. I got married at 20 and didn't miss the bar scene when I turned 21 for one second. :) But I do drink wine more than any normal person should....

Misty Marie said...

I love reading ur blogs!!! I gave you an award! Check out my blog for info!

Katie said...

I cannot get into wine. I've tried to make myself drink it, but it's just yucky. ESPECIALLY red wine.

And I listen to CDs all the time too. My car's iPod jack has been broken for about a year, and I really don't want to pay to fix it. So, CDs and radio for me. :)