19 January, 2011

What a Day!

I am honestly exhausted! It's been a busy day full of meeting a bloggie friend and shopping!! 

Sadly, there were no pictures taken today. I'm not sure how TWO bloggers got through an entire day without taking a single picture, but we did it. =P I got up bright and early at 0700 this morning to meet up with Jessica from Bleu Dress & Dress Blues! She and her hubby are stationed in Japan, but he had to come here for training. How lucky is that?! She decided to join him since he was forced to come to such a location as this for training. ;-) Torture. Since she's here and her hubby has to work, she figured it'd be a good time to meet up, hang out and see the island!

Today we focused mainly on the malls. =) She needed to find a new dress to wear to a nice restaurant downtown and I was more than happy to meet here there. I don't think either one of us bought very much stuff, but I managed to find some pretty awesome deals. 

Charlotte Russe: (seriously in love with that store)
2 tank tops: $11.25
Earring set (6): $6

Forever 21 (Ala Moana):
2 shirts: $15.30
Pair of yoga pants: $7.50 (a freakin' steal!)
Super cute reusable bag: $1.50

I think I did pretty well today, don't you? We stopped at several other stores along the way too. Which is the reason I am so stinkin' tired. Sadly, from a day of walking my knee is seriously killing me. I think it also has something to do with the fact that there's a "cold" front moving through which is supposedly bringing rain. I am thisclose to saying that I'm a human barometer. I really don't want to admit it just yet, though. I think I should at least wait until I'm 30. ;-) 

All in all, it was a pretty good day. Jessica is hoping to relax on the beach tomorrow while I go stick my nose in history stuff at the museum. We're planning to meet up again on Thursday to do some North Shore-related things. I'm in favor of this because it's a whole lot closer to home. =) I didn't really realize it until recently, but I am very partial to North Shore. I was talking to a friend of mine here about not being able to go to the beach because of the high surf and she quickly reminded me that the West and South shores didn't have the high surf that North Shore does. =P I knew that... But I live at North Shore....basically. It's like a 15 minute drive away and I don't like to stray too far from home. I know it's sad, but it's true.

Although I had a great time with Jessica watching her re-learn how to drive in the US and turning on the windshield wipers instead of the turn signal, the highlight of my day was Skyping (video!) with my hubby. =) Yes, you read that right!! Apparently, he has today off (it's currently 1100 there) so we were able to chat at a time when he's usually at work. When he messaged me, I believe my first words were, "Hey! What are you doing online?!" Haha! What can I say? I know his schedule. I very politely asked if I could "see his face today" since it had been a while and I missed it. =P I was sooo happy that his connection actually cooperated with us and we were able to talk for 1 hr and 6 minutes without any interruptions! Ok, I take that back. It did freeze a few times, but we did not lose the connection! =) That in itself is a miracle. Would you like my favorite quote from our little chat? Of course you would. 

Scene: Skyping with my hubby.
Topic: Weight Loss

Joe: I've come up with some great workouts to get rid of this gut.

Me: It's not a gut! 

Joe: Well... It's like a pre-gut... A warning gut.

Me: *dying laughing*

Joe: It's not the spare tire yet, but I've got the axel and wheel base.

Me: *continuing to die laughing* You're strange!!!

Joe: Well, yeah. That's true.

So, there you have it. My husband has a "pre-gut." This from the man who's lost 30 pounds since he's been deployed. He's also gained some serious muscles (read: mus-kles) in his arms... Mmmmm. ;-) He went on later to suggest that we both have "gut troubles." Although I will say that he did a very good job of trying not to offend me and tell me that I was fat. =P He's dug himself into so many holes that I guess he's figured out how to not even pick up the shovel! Yay, hubby! Hahaha!

Later while we were talking, I showed him a little something that I made!! You may remember that list of projects I posted about a week or so ago. This is one of them. 

A Nook cover for my hubby!

His looks way better than mine.
I guess practice really does make perfect.
Who knew?

Now we have his and hers Nook covers! I love it!

What do you think? Cute, right? I thought so. ;-)

Hope you had a great Tuesday, and that your Wednesday is getting off to a good start. =)


kelsey lauren said...

i love both of your blogs! that must be so fun meeting someone whose life you've been following. have fun together girlies!

Jes said...

yay for a super fun day! doesn't look like I'll be having that day in the sun tomorrow...rain the rest of the week?!?!? YUCK!

I too am exhausted from all that shopping...I guess 4 months of no shopping at all made me really out of practice!

Have fun at the museum tomorrow!

PS, you were so not supposed to say anything about my lack of US driving skills! I'm REALLY glad there are no photos to prove this nonsense you speak of!

PPS, if I go buy you that super cute VB nook cover can I have the one you made yourself?!?! I think it's way cuter than any of the ones we saw today!

Emily said...

I LOVE the covers, you should totally make and sell those! I actually have been looking for something similiar to use as a Bible cover/case. Humm...now you have me thinking! :)

The Mrs. said...

I love the his and hers nook covers!!! :D

I'm sure it was so fun meeting a bloggy friend!

Chantal said...

Does this mean you won't be at the luncheon tomorrow if you'll be at the North Shore? You could always bring your friend to the luncheon too ;)

JG said...

Those covers look really nice! Great job! Yay for long conversations! So glad you guys got to talk!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

The covers are fabulous!

Katie said...

I'm so impressed at your sewing skills! I'd love to learn how to sew.

It's hard for me to imagine Joe needing to lose weight. When I remember him, I only think of a really skinny boy! Haha. Obviously he's changed so much thanks to the Army. :) So funny.

hmb said...

Meeting blogger girls is *great* fun! Jes seems great...I love her Japan pics :)

Your kindle covers are mad cute! You should open an etsy shop!

Michelle A'etonu said...

i love your nook covers! i have a nook too and love it!