27 January, 2011

Blizzard Bloghop!

If you're stopping by for the Blizzard Bloghop, welcome!!! Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Sarah. I'm a 20 something Army wife. 
Though, I wasn't always an Army wife.

This is my husband, Joe, sans uniform. =P

Joe and I met in college in 2006. Neither one of us had plans that included the military. We were going to graduate and become teachers. He a choir director, and me a history teacher. After graduation from college in 2008, we got married in June. Then we moved to North Carolina to start our lives together. After many interviews, crappy jobs, one good job and some ups and downs, Joe got laid off in February of 2009. A few weeks later, he met a US Army recruiter at a job fair. The rest, my friends, is history.

Though he could have gone the OCS route, he chose to enlist instead. (He's actually currently trying to get into OCS. Silly hubby. =P) After about 9 months of training (BCT and AIT), he got his orders for our first duty station. We currently live here:

In mostly sunny Hawaii. So while most of you are covered in snow and blankets, drinking hot chocolate, I'm sitting on my couch in a Tshirt and shorts. Not to make you jealous or anything. ;-) 

I know I said that both of us live here, but I sort of lied. My hubby is currently residing in a CHU in the sandbox. Just 2 short months after we PCSed here, he left. We knew it could happen, but I think both of us were hoping it wouldn't. 

This blog is sort of like my home. I'm here a lot, and I talk about a lot of things. Sometimes I use it to vent my frustrations about deployment. Other times I use it to brag about my sweetie of a hubby. I also like to show off my newest creations. =) I have just taken up sewing, thanks to encouragement from my bestie. I also enjoy reading, scrapbooking, baking, Grey's Anatomy (seriously) and laughing at my silly dog, Jasper.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to look around here before you head back to Household 6 Diva to check out more blogs! Hope to see more of you around here!



Toesthattwinkle! said...

I found you on the blog hop and now Im following you! Please check out my blog and follow me, http://toesthattwinkle.blogspot.com/ I also wanted to say how much I love your blog and reading the posts!

Miranda said...

Nice to meet you, Sarah! ;-)

Cluttered Brain said...

Mmm Nice and WARM.
I likey. I'm gonna hop on a plane right now and visit.
Just kidding.
But it is actually warm here too. I live near Vegas.
Warm desert heat.
Perfect. Or almost.
Love the blog.
Hope you will hop on by.

hmb said...

My husband didn't go the OCS route either...but he is up for selection now. Can we say "SCARED"?! We're hopeful :)

And he ALSO deployed two months exactly from the time we arrived here. But it's over now and he's all safe :) Hope your guy gets back really soon!

Dr. Army Wife said...

I also love Grey's Anatomy...no reason to be ashamed :) Nice to meet you!

Lauren said...

Following from the blog hop!

If you need any info on OCS let me know. My husband was a trainer for a year and a half. Looking forward to reading more. Hope you're enjoying the warm Hawaiian weather :)

Lauren - www.notjustanarmywife.blogspot.com

Sapperette said...

I found you on the bloghop! :) So jealous you're in Hawaii! We're in Alaska :) My husband went through OCS at Benning, and it is one of my favorite periods of time... so many FUN memories of OCS!


Adrienne said...

Okay, I just fell in love with your dog! What breed/mix is he?! I totally want one! He is SO adorable!! Teehee!

Anyhoot, I totally felt my hopes and dreams fall to the bottom of my tummy. i get SO jealous of anyone who gets to be stationed in Hawaii! Even if it is 'mostly' sunny! I want to be there, BAD. LOL.

But, on the bright side, I get to be in Germany with Hubs in April! Woot!

Gonna be stalking your blog now! ;)

A Humble Planter said...

What are the chances that the last three randomly picked blogs from the "Blizzard" have all be Hawaii girls - and Im coming HOME next month to see family and run the Great Aloha Run ;-) It warms my heart to find connections to home. My Husband is in the Army and it tooks us from our Hawaii home all...the...way...across the world to Germany where we are now! It's been an adventure. So glad I found you - you have a new follower. Maybe we can have our own "bloggers meet up" in Hawaii next month on the beach (make everyone REALLY jealous) ;-) Aloha Shauna @ Planting Shade http://www.plantingshade.com/

PG said...

Hi Sarah, I've read your blog for awhile but haven't commented! Hawaii looks pretty good from underneath three feet of snow here in Canada!

tawna6988 said...

Blog hopping today and am your newest follower. I hope that 1 of my blogs interests you too.