03 December, 2010

Fall Foto Contest Finale

** We interrupt your scheduled guest blog posts to bring you this very important message. **

**This is also a scheduled post. I'm off having fun with my hubby right now!**


It's heeeeeerrrre!!!

For the last eight weeks, you have sent in and voted for photos.

Today, we will choose the ultimate winner of the contest!

Take a good look and vote for your favorite of the favorites. =)

Here they are!

Week One Winner:


Week Two Winner:


Week Three Winner:


Week Four Winner:


Week Five Winner:

AF Wifey

Week Six Winner:

Skinnie Piggie

Week Seven Winner:


Week Eight Winner:

AF Wifey

Okay, do your thing!

Vote for your favorite!!

The favoritest of them all will win a little package from Hawaii including this cute little guy. =) 

It's a sea turtle made from sea shells! I love it. =)

The rest I am keeping a secret!! Sort of like an early Christmas present!

The winner will [hopefully] be announced tomorrow!

*I apologize for the lack of links to people's blogs, but I just don't have the energy. That's the truth. =P*

Happy Aloha Friday!!


Lacey said...

were do you vote..i dont think its up....maybe it didnt schedule?

AbbeyG said...

I voted!! I'm amazed at how absolutely gorgeous all of the pictures are :) This was such a great idea!

Skinnie Piggie said...

That turtle is so stinkin' cute =)