04 December, 2010

Fall Foto Contest Finale: The Winner

Well, ladies [and gents, if there are any] it has been so much fun for me to see all of your wonderful fall photos.

But, the eight weeks came and went so fast!!

Today I am announcing the winner of the Fall Foto Contest!!!

First, here's a look at all the photos that were sent in to me:

I love all of them. =)

Maybe I'll print out this collage and hang it somewhere.

Or not. ;-)

Ok, no more delaying.

The winner of the Fall Foto Contest is...


This was her winning photo:

Congratulations, girlie!!!!

Just send me an email when you can with your address so I can mail your package to you!

Congrats again!

And thanks to all of you for participating!

I'm off to go cuddle with my hubby now. =)


Katelyn.Christine said...

Congratulations, Lacey! Thats a gorgeous picture!!

Chelle said...

Beautiful picture. Congrats to Lacey for the win.

Lou said...

OMG Thanks everyone , That is crazy! I never win anything! WOOP WOOP!

Birdie said...

I loved looking at all the pics!! Good idea:)