19 November, 2010

Terrific Thursday!

I had such a great, busy day. I'm so tired I can hardly believe I'm still awake. I am a night owl, though, so I probably shouldn't be surprised. =P

This morning began with a lot of rushing and a little bit of frustration all balled into one. I got up a little early, hoping that I'd get to talk to my hubby before rushing off to the spouses' club luncheon. I had to be there early because I was going to be working a table for voting on our little constitution. Anyway. I waited, and waited... I had breakfast and waited some more. I complained to my bestie. I waited some more. Finally, I set him a message saying what I was going to be up to for the day. I found out tonight that there was a power outage. Go figure.

The rushing around was mainly due to the fact that we were supposed to dress in our "favorite" decade for the luncheon. Well, I wasn't about to buy an outfit/costume just for the luncheon. I figured I'd find something in my closet. Around this time last night, I was running around my house trying to put an outfit together. By this morning, I had basically figured it out but I wasn't too happy with it. I had decided on the '50s since I have a '50s-ish dress. I did some Googling, rummaging and lots of hair-curling and finally wound up with this:

This was taken after the luncheon, so my hair is less curly in the photo. I was seriously running out the door this morning so no time for a photo op. Sad face. Oh, and I wore these shoes:

I thought it worked for the '50s. I think there were 3 people dressed in '50s style: me, Chantal and another lady. Chantal and I decided that I was dressed for a wedding/party (in the '50s of course), she was dressed to go to the ice cream parlour and the other lady was a teenager (she was wearing a poodle skirt). The luncheon was super fun. We learned some dance moves, which was pretty fun. I'm just about the world's worst dancer. I can find the beat, I can count it for you but moving my feet and hips at the same time? Ha. My husband? Awesome dancer. He tried to teach me the Waltz once... I stepped on his feet a bazillion times. *sigh* Anyway, not the point. We had good food, danced and got prizes!! This is what I won:

Yay for Scentsy!! I put like 3 tickets in for that thing. Sooo glad I did! =D

It's a plug in. =) Very Hawaii, too. I'm thinking it'll go in the hallway.

I got this scent with it, but I'm not a fan. I'll be purchasing a different one soon. =)

After the luncheon, I suggested that Chantal and I hit up a surfing competition in Haleiwa! (Don't try to pronounce that in your head... Just don't. ;-)) By the time we got there - like after 2 - it was pretty much over for the day, but I did catch some pictures. It was pretty fun too! They're supposed to be back at it again on Sunday and I really want to go. I mean, why not?! I'm in Hawaii and when am I going to have this chance again? {This is the Army... We can't count on being here too long. =P}

The photos I took aren't that great. I left my camera at home, so they're phone pictures. Plus, the weather wasn't too awesome today... It's a little hard to distinguish the water from the sky. Hopefully, you'll be able to see the guys in the water. You can always click on the picture to make it bigger too. 

Cool, right?! I was so excited to go! I think next time we go, we'll need to get better seats. =) Although, because we were so late we got a pretty awesome parking spot. I guess it evened out. And by the time we were heading out, it was starting to rain. Perfect timing! After that, we ran by an ice cream shop in Halewia... Yum!! We both got Chocolate Macadamia Nut ice cream in waffle bowls... Chocolate just makes everything better. Especially knees that hurt because of less-than-perfect weather. (It's raining now - FINALLY - so that helps too.)

As I was talking to a friend of mine from home [who just met up with my bestie], I realized how much I love and appreciate the friends I've made here. She mentioned how great it was to have someone just completely understand what you're going through - what your life is like. Immediately I thought, "Yep. I totally know that feeling" and all I could think of are the girls I get together with once a week for dinner. Their hubbies are deployed too. I just love it. I honestly wouldn't have met them if I hadn't met up with Chantal a couple of months ago for this whole spouses' club thing. I'd probably be ok, but I'd be much less ok than I am now. I don't hang out with them all the time, I don't talk to them 24/7 but just knowing that they're here for me and they know exactly what I'm going through helps so much. 

All in all, it was a pretty stinkin' great day! And if you wanna see a decent photo of me and Chantal at the surfing competition today (as if you need more proof I was there =P) you can check out her blog. =)

The post for the Fall Foto Contest will be up tomorrow (well, later today for most of you) and I will attempt to keep the poll open longer. Honestly, I haven't figured out what time zone the poll thinks I'm in. I'm pretty sure it has a mind of its own. So, keep an eye out for this week's photos and be prepared to vote! =D


hmb said...

I'm involved with my post's spouses club, too! I love it :) We haven't had a 50's thing but we had a "dance your stress off" night this week. super fun!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It sounds like it was a fun time! Cute dress!

~The Buzuleciu's~ said...

Hey it was nice to meet you at the luncheon yesterday!! Dont feel bad, Im the worlds worst dancer as well :P The husband and I are planning to check out some surfing on Sunday too :)

Skinnie Piggie said...

It looks like you had a great day! Your outfit was super cute =)

Hanna said...

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Take a *peek* at my giveaways if you stop by. I have 3 with gorgeous handmade stuff and one for a $110 Belle Baby Carrier:) Nice to meet you:)