18 November, 2010

It's Me Again, Margaret!

I have been one busy girl this evening! Wednesdays are my "there's not much on TV nights" so, I usually end up being some kind of productive. Or watching Grey's on DVD. =P Tonight was a productive one. I'm sure you're all relieved. 

After I finished at the museum, I headed off to the commissary again to grab a couple things I forgot yesterday. *sigh* That's like the worst thing ever. Especially around pay day. Luckily, I got in and out of there before things got too crazy. Self checkout = lifesaver. Anyway. 

I had planned on making these Gingerbread Cookies (thanks, d.a.r.!) yesterday... And I had no idea that I was lacking anything for a while. I added flour, spices, and baking soda into a bowl and then I read "1 1/2 cups brown sugar." Noooooo! Honestly, I didn't even remember reading this in the recipe the first time. *sigh* I really should know by now that gingerbread cookies are made with brown sugar. You'd think, right? Nope, not me! So, I put my ingredients in a baggie and got the brown sugar today. 

Some of them got a little burned because the recipe I found doesn't list a temperature for the oven. Before I even researched anything, I just assumed you'd cook them at like 400. That's the temperature for most cookies. Not these. So, after 8ish minutes in the oven some of them came out on the crispy side. Then I went a-Googling and found that they should be cooked at 350. That helped, but because my oven was already so warm some of them were still crispy. Just a warning for you. Other than that, they turned out great! I'm kind of impressed with myself. =)

Mmm, they are SO good!

You DO NOT want to forget this yummy stuff!!

After I sat down and had a few cookies (it's like a requirement to eat warm cookies after you bake them, I think), I went to my craft room/spare bedroom to do some sewing! I finally decided that I would make Nana some potholders. I was rummaging through the drawer I keep fabric in (I don't have a ton yet) and I found the fabric that I used to cover my chairs this past summer. Perfect for any kitchen! Woo! So, I cut out the fabric and ribbon, did the ironing, pinning, turning it right side out and sewing. And a little while later I got this result:

Whaddaya think?

I like them. =) I want to get her something else, but I'm not sure what. I mean, I'd get her a cookbook or something, but she's Nana. Pretty sure she knows how to cook by now, lol!

While I was in the middle of photographing my handiwork, I caught this guy playing around with his favorite toy.

It's rare that I can catch him doing this with my camera in hand, so I figured why not?! =) Crazy dog. 

I'll give you a little hint on my next project (well, unless I come up with something between now and then =P).

Any guesses? =)

So, I'm sure some of you are wondering about the title of my post. Well, there's this singer/comedian that my parents used to listen to. His name is Ray Stevens. We had cassette tapes of him if that tells you anything. For some reason, the name of one of his songs popped into my head as I sat down at the desk. Sometimes, if I've called my mom a bazillion times in one day (which totally happens) I'll say, "It's me again, Margaret!" As with most things, the video of It's Me Again, Margaret is on YouTube. Personally, I think you should watch it. It's pretty funny. =) And while you're there, you should definitely watch the video of his songs The Streak and The Mississippi Squirrel Revival. I laugh my butt off every time! =) Could just be because of the memories, but I like them!

Don't forget to send me your photos for the Fall Foto Contest this Friday! The more, the better!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my gosh! Those potholders are awesome!! They look like something you bought in a store. Good job!

Rebekah said...

Those cookies look good! Ha, my oven runs so hot so I have to adjust everything!

I love the pot holders. That fabric is really pretty!

Chantal said...

I think you should make me some potholders that match my kitchen! My colors are black, stainless steel and orangy-yellow. ;)

kelsey lauren said...

i love them! the fabric pattern is great.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

A quilt perhaps? I love that fabric!