10 November, 2010

Stupid Brain

I had these thoughts of a great post for today. I really, really did. Aaaaaaaaaand they're gone now. *sigh* I honestly can't even remember what profound things I was going to say! Cannot! Sad, sad day.

Today was a seriously weird day for me. I was all happy and fine... I talked to Joe (with good video quality and only one interruption) this morning for a while. Not very long, though. He's sick and was sleepy and so I let him go to bed. I seriously cried afterward, though. Stupid hormones!!! On a normal day, I would have been fine - understanding, even. Not today.

I made some muffins for breakfast...and remembered why blueberry muffins are my favorite, not apple cinnamon. I thought I remembered liking apple cinnamon muffins, but apparently I was wrong. I don't hate them, but they are definitely not my faves. Anyway. I lounged on the couch, chatted with Melissa and ignored texts from my mom about stupid family drama.

I swear, sometimes my family can be SO white trash-y. I don't want to get into serious details, but... My great uncle died a few days ago. It was expected, but my Nana (his sister) is really upset. Obviously his wife and daughter are too. Well... The obituary apparently wasn't "up to par" according to my other great uncle. Someone was added who shouldn't have been and someone was left out. Seriously, people? It's an obituary. No one writes those without some sort of mental issues. Mistakes happen. Anyway. He's so angry about it that he's threatening to tell people that this guy's daughter isn't really his and that so-and-so's fiance is a hooker. Neither are really surprising, but.... come on! I talked to my uncle (mom's brother) on the phone earlier (he's staying with my mom) and he said he can't "wait to go to the circus tomorrow." Yup. That sounds about right! *sigh* He also said, "this is why I live far away. I don't have to deal with the drama." AMEN to that!

Just to add to the weirdness of the day, I was super irritable while I was at the museum today. I swear, every. little. thing. was annoying me. I even froze the computer. *sigh* It must be about "that time." I dislike Aunt Flo more and more every month. =/ I got to talk to Joe AGAIN this evening! It's his day off. Woohoo!! =D I feel all special and stuff 'cause I got to talk to him infinitely more than usual. I thought I wasn't going to get to talk to him because of the FRG meeting tonight, but I got a nice surprise when I saw him online. Yay!

Oh, the FRG meeting. First, I got an email that said someone suggested we wear holiday colors and santa hats during the meeting since the meeting was solely for stuffing stockings. 1) I'm not an elf. 2) I'm not in high school. 3) Seriously? Anyway. So, the stocking stuffing? Not cool. Tiny stockings, lots of candy. =/ I expected something different... Like things the guys (and gals) actually need and then maybe a little candy. I know they will appreciate anything they get, but to me it felt like we were giving them leftover Halloween candy. Oh, and they're being mailed tomorrow. *shakes head* I don't understand!!!!!!!!!! It was not my project, so I can't really say anything. It wasn't even our FRG project - it was the battalion FRG project. I don't know. I just found it odd that we weren't sending anything useful or "cool" to them.  Geez, how about some chapstick, deodorant, body wash, razors, hand sanitizer (all travel size) and then some candy? That's a stocking I'd like to get. But, that's me. I'm practical like that. *sigh*

I don't think I realized until tonight how smallllll Joe's company is. Like super small. More guys in his company are single, than married. Which leaves like 10ish women to do the FRG. I think that explains our current situation with the FRG. Since our company is so small, I kinda feel better about taking the co-Leader position. I know it will still be work, but less people to worry about = less work in my mind. Maybe I'm wrong. While I'm on the FRG topic, I need ideas for fundraisers... Any suggestions?

Sorry to bore you with the incredibly interesting details of my day. Maybe those profound words will find me again tomorrow. I'll write them down next time, I promise. =)


Anonymous said...

I had to giggle when I read about your family. My family can definitely take the cake when it comes to crazy LOL Sometimes I swear I am adopted! Ok not really but I really do wonder :)
Hope your day is better today :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh man... family can be crazy sometimes. I'm just glad Randy Quaid isn't in mine... poor Dennis.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh man the days where its like every little thing is just... blech, those days are the worst. I'm sorry love!