09 November, 2010

Magnificent Monday

I never thought a Monday could be so good. =)

Thankfully, I was able to Skype with Joe this morning with ZERO interruptions!  That's a miracle in itself! We were able to catch up on things, chat and be a little silly before he went to sleep. He's 13 hours ahead of me and now he's working day shift, so that makes our conversations interesting. I think we spend half the time yawning, lol! He's tired because he worked all day and I'm tired because I just woke up. =P At least we can talk, though. He's not feeling well today. =( He mentioned last night that he might have a cold, and then he told me earlier that his chest was hurting when he woke up. I'm thinking bronchitis, but I hope that's not what it is. Plus, they had a run this morning (morning for him, night for me) so I'm sure that didn't help at all. He's headed to the doctor today and I hope they give him some good medicine! I told him I was sorry he felt bad and he said, "Better now than later." =) This excites me. Now he's worried about being sick on R&R! That means it's getting close! No details/dates for you, though. I'm not saying a word! :-X

After that, I pretty much laid around until this afternoon. I've been sort of busy the last couple of days, so it was nice to just chill for a while. Then, after Chantal got finished with her little conference-y thingy, we went shopping! I had some Christmas shopping to take care of for my niece and nephew. I am happy to say that I am now finished with their gifts! I've got one coming to me via the mail for my niece, but that's it. I also have to get her birthday present, but I'm thinking about ordering it online and having it sent to my SIL's house. I think it will be much less of a headache for me that way. We went to like 3 kids' clothing stores for me to get everything I wanted to get. (Don't worry, Anna. It was an outlet mall. I didn't spend a ton. ;-))  We also went to Charlotte Russe where I got the cutest dress to pick Joe up in!! I got it for a freakin' steal too! I'd post a picture, but Joe said he wants to be surprised and he reads my blog. Sorry! I will post one when he gets here for R&R. I also got a super cute shirt there too. I think the Charlotte Russe outlet is my new favorite store here. Plus, it's seriously close to my church... This could be dangerous, folks.  =)

The loot for my niece and nephew. Lucky kiddos. ;-)

After the outlet mall, we hit Petco and Costco. I got Jasper some treats and a new tennis ball. I accidentally threw his last ball in the gutter... I'm still not quite sure how it happened. We were in the field back behind our house playing fetch. Well, I was playing fetch. Jasper refused to bring the ball back to me. Grrr. So, I decided that if he wasn't going to cooperate, we were going back inside. He kept jumping up and trying to get the ball from me, so I threw the ball over our fence - clearly not aiming anywhere near the roof. *Clunk!* Ball in gutter full of rain water. Crap. Soooo I got him a $.99 one at Petco. He's being playing fetch inside with me all night. Score 1 for momma! =)

Think he likes the new ball much? ;-)

All worn out! Finally!

After all our shopping I came home, took Jasper to get the mail and cooked dinner while Skyping with Melissa. =) I am loving the time change! Hawaii doesn't participate, but the rest of my friends/family do. I think this is awesome! I'm now only 4 hours behind CT and 5 hours behind EST. Woot! The 6 hour time difference between me and the east coast was killing me! Only one downside though: football games will come on earlier. *sigh*

I also watched NBC's special on former President Bush tonight. Oh my gosh, it was awesome! I love that Bush was so open about things that happened during his 2 terms as CIC. I don't know what it is about his personality, but I love him. He doesn't seem to really care what people think about the things he did while he was in office, and he actually admits that he made mistakes! Shocker. ;-)

Honestly, I think he gets blamed for more things than he gets credit for. Did that make sense? I know that everyone wants to place blame on somebody, and it always falls to the president... Or the former president. News Flash: The President is a person too!! All people make mistakes. I can kind of understand people blaming him for the war(s). What I can't understand is why people blame him for the aftermath of Katrina... Maybe he didn't step up and act like he should have afterward. But here is my problem with that entire situation: The people of New Orleans were warned about the hurricane. They were told that it would be a category 5 (or whatever it was), and they were highly encouraged to evacuate. Only a small percentage of them actually did. Hmmmmmmm.

Anyway. I thought the segment was really well done and I applaud Bush for doing this. It was really great to get his side of all the things that happened during his 2 terms. I will probably be buying his book too. While he might not have been the best president ever, he is a darn good man; he kept this country safe after 9/11 and he fully supported the military.

Overall, I rate this Monday as awesome. =) Who knew a Monday could be so good?!


armywife_b2010 said...

The next time that you go into Charlotte Russe I highly recommend you check out a purfume called Refuge. A friend of mine got it for me one year and I was hooked and eventually my mother ended up starting to get it all the time too.

AbbeyG said...

Charlotte Rousse is SO my favorite!! I'm not sure about the one you go to, but I know the one where I live gives a nice military discount! :)
I totally agree with you about Pres. Bush! I like his personality, and he had a LOT of hard things happen during his time in office and nobody is going to make the pefect decision every single time.. we just do our best and hope for the best.
I'm so excited for your R&R coming up so soon, and I really hope Joe starts feeling better! Did you guys get the family R&R thing worked out?!

JG said...

Funny how everyone complains about Bush's handling of Katrina - everyone forgets that New Orleans had a Mayor (Democrat) and a Governor (Democrat) who were totally fine not repairing the levies, not sending in the LA National Guard and transportation to evacuate people, and basically not doing anything but sitting on their butts and saying, "Why isn't Bush fixing what clearly falls under local and state jurisdiction, not federal jurisdiction?" Grr. My only complaint about President Bush is that he isn't aggressive enough, because I can guarantee he knows all of those things as well, he's just too gentlemanly to mention it in public. George and Laura Bush are such class acts.

Sorry, mini-rant. :) I broke my radio silence for you. :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Yay!! That's great that you were able to talk to Joe!! I love Skype!

Kathryn said...

Yay for R&R soon! :)
I LOVE Charlotte Russe they have the cutest stuff!
I totally agree with you about Bush too!

Lacey said...

glad your monday was great. I have never been to charlotte russe maybe ill go check it out. I am so glad your R&R is coming up!
p.s the pic of your dog all worn out is adorable