21 November, 2010

Smelly Things

Today...was a weird day. I woke up uber grumpy. Maybe more emotional than grumpy, but I was most definitely "in a mood."

I got up at 0800 - as usual - to get online and talk to Joe. 0900 rolled around and I pretty much gave up hope. I was frustrated because we'd only gotten like 10 minutes in the past 2 days. {I know I should be thankful, but I'm really used to talking to him every day. Makes things different.} So, I im'ed my bestie on Skype. We chatted for a while and then Joe was finally online and able to video chat. Then we kept getting cut off. And to top it off he gave me some not-so-great news that I can't post on here because of OPSEC. It's nothing to do with R&R, for the record. But what he told me scares the living crap out of me! I know it's his job...but that doesn't mean I can't be scared!

We im'ed for a while before getting cut off again and I just lost it. Scared. Angry. Angry at God for allowing this. I know it all sounds really dramatic... I told you I was emotional this morning. Melissa suggested that I take a hot shower (my bathtub is made for little people) and go do something fun. So, after I got over my initial crapiness, I took a shower. I don't know about you, but I tend to do lots of thinking in the shower. Lots and lots. Praying also happens in the shower. I don't understand it, but it does. So I thought... I cried... I completely broke down... Aaaaand then I prayed.

Like most people, I have serious issues just giving things completely over to God. I know it's not right. I know he can handle all my itty bitty problems. I know he'll protect my husband. I know, I know, I know. So why can't I just stop trying to do it on my own?! *sigh* Stupid human nature. I don't know how God puts up with us.

After that, the rest of my day was pretty good! Funny how that works isn't it? After my shower/breakdown I was tired. I'd turned on the LSU game before and I just laid down on the couch. I fell asleep. =P I'm not sure for how long, but it was a pretty nice nap!! Except that I hadn't eaten lunch before the nap, so I was starving! Then I decided that I just wasn't into the LSU game and I put in a DVD of Grey's Anatomy. Perfection. Then, the OU game came on and I got to watch them stomp Baylor! =D I wasn't too worried about that game since we always, always, always beat them.

During the middle of the game... Jasper went nuts and peed under our bed. I really thought that he couldn't get under our bed, but he has proven me wrong. Anyway, he was going back to our bedroom for the 9 millionth time today, and I was just sick of him being in there. He lays on the bed and gets dog hair all over the place. It annoys me. So, I was going to retrieve him. Well, he got under the bed. I guess he thought I was mad at him because when I went to grab him, he started peeing. *sigh* Normally, it wouldn't irritate me so much, but this is the THIRD TIME in 3 days that he's peed in the house. Thursday when Chantal came over. Friday when the maintenance guy freaked him out (though I totally don't blame him for that one). And then today. So my house has smelled like pee for half the weekend. NOT. COOL. He's house-trained. He's even crate trained! Reversion maybe? I don't know, but I can't take this much longer.

After the game, it was time for a Scentsy party with Chantal! One of her coworkers lives near me, so she came to my house and then we went to the party. I'd never been to a Scentsy party before tonight, but you wouldn't believe that if you walked into my house. =P My mom bought me a large warmer for Christmas last year and that one is in my kitchen. I bought a beachy plug in for the living room this summer (via Melissa) and then I won one Thursday. Grand total: 3 And I have 2 or 3 scents. But, the party tonight was so much fun! Just a bunch of Army wives... And we totally ended up talking about our husbands. We're such women. Lol! I actually met a girl who is friends with my next door neighbor (who just had a baby)! That was pretty cool. I smelled probably every scent that Scentsy has. Love, love, love. I had a hard time deciding what to buy. I ended up getting one of the "package deals." I got a red mid-size warmer (for the kitchen) and 3 scents for $35. You get ONE full size warmer for $30! I think I got a good deal. It was super fun.

So, it was a totally weird day. I hope I wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow. I'm sure my husband would appreciated it if I didn't bit his head off again. He knows I'm totally not a morning person, but still. I should try to be better...at least for a few minutes. ;-)

Hope y'all are having a great weekend!


Erin said...

I'm sorry your day started off kind of rough! But I am glad it got better! I am hosting a Scentsy party tommorrow so I cannot wait to buy some things! Woohoo

Anonymous said...

scentsy if pretty much GREAT! I went to my first party this past week also and did some Christmas Shopping :)

As for the pee under your bed I have 2 dogs So I've had plenty of messes to clean up when the decide to pout because I'm not home everyday! Soak it up with woolite oxy and then get some of the carpet powder smelly stuff from walmart and then use that! Must husband has found that if you let that set for a while it takes care of the pee smell almost completely!!!!

& as for your husband! the hardest thing to do is just breathe when they are gone trust me i know!! God will take the situation and watch over him! If he brings you to it, he'll bring you through it!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Yay for Scentsy!!!

hmb said...

I went to my first Scentsy party this week and loved it! I smelled every scent, and I kept wondering why people were laughing so hysterically while I was doing it. Apparently, I was giving pretty fierce looks when I loved/hated something. I didn't even notice--hopefully I didn't hurt anyone's feelings that picked a scent I disliked! :)