05 November, 2010

Fall Foto Contest: Week Five

Wow, week 5 already! =D

I've got more great photos for you this week! 

I really hate that I'm missing out on my favorite season.

But, thanks to you guys I don't have to miss out on all of it. =)

Side note: I heard the weather man say these words today:

"Winter Weather"

Pretty sure he wasn't talking about sleet, snow, ice and 30 degree weather.

I think he was talking about wind, rain and 70 degree weather.

These Hawaiians. They only think they know "winter weather."


Here are this week's entries:

Photo by Kristen

Photo by Jessica

Photo by AF Wifey

Photo by Kelsey Lauren

Photo by Amber

Photo by Via

Don't forget to vote for your favorite photo.

The poll will be up for...well, however long it wants to stay up.

I haven't figured out that darn thing yet.

So, vote while you can! =)

Remember, the winner goes in the running for a super-cool non-fall-like gift from Hawaii.

If you need rules, guidelines and stuff you can go here.

Happy Eternal Summer Fall!

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Goodnight moon said...

Yah...it's up now:) There are some REALLY great pictures this week!