11 October, 2010

Mili(ing) It Over: Media Edition

{Uh, my answer is like wayy shorter than some others. Mainly because I was tired of re-recording myself. My webcam is beginning to annoy me. =P}

Check out some of the other ladies' responses too!


Expat Girl said...

Great answer : )

Mrs. K said...

I never watched the news when J was deployed either. It's completely the way to go!

11BWifey said...

I love your answers because you try to see everyone's point of view! And I seriously laughed out loud when you said, "Um, I think the obvious answer is...NO!!" hahahah.

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Somehow I totally missed that you had a Mili-ing it over post! I suck.

Haha its funny though about what you said about Army Wives, the TV show. You would think that people would know its just a tv show, but apparently there are some out there who think its 100% reality ;)