24 September, 2010


Today was a mostly sucky day.

Today was the day I was forcibly unplugged for 13.5 grueling hours.

It started bright and early. 6:45 a.m.

I am not a morning person. I sleep with the air conditioning unit on (at 74 degrees), ceiling fan on and a small fan beside the bed blowing on me. I like to sleep cold. Preferably close to freezing.

At 6:45, I woke straight up when my fan and air conditioner shut off. One glance at my digital clock on the night stand told me what the culprit was - why my beloved fan shut off. Power outage.

I tossed and turned, attempting to get comfortable. The still, silent room annoyed me. I got up unwillingly. 6:45 a.m. should not exist.

I sat on the couch reading and playing with Jasper all morning. I'm sure Jasper enjoyed it. I wondered if I needed to call the museum and tell them I wasn't going to volunteer today because I couldn't shower in a pitch black bathroom. I most definitely wasn't taking a cold shower either. Not happening. Around 11:30 I started to get really annoyed. I called housing here, I called housing on post and then I called the MPs. At 11:50, the microwave beeped. Praise the Lord!!!! I scarfed down lunch, jumped in the shower, got dressed and left.

When I left, the cable hadn't come back on yet. For some reason, I thought it was normal and would probably come back on while I was gone. I was oh-so wrong. When I got home from volunteering and a trip to the PX, it still wasn't on. Weird. So I called.

"Oh yes. We're having an interruption in your area. The technicians are working on it."

Really? There's an interruption?! I had NO IDEA! Idiot. Obviously if I'm calling you, there's an issue. And when I asked when it would be fixed, I got another "they're working on it" shpeil. Gee thanks, Time Warner. FOR NOTHING.

I also called housing about the power outage. Apparently, DPW has no clue why the area I live in has a power outage about once a month that lasts 5-6 hours. FIVE - SIX HOURS! Never in my life have I experienced this! Even during an ice storm in Oklahoma! Seriously!

I know it sounds completely ridiculous, but all of this unplugged business led me straight into an "I hate this place" breakdown. I was in the middle of getting myself something for dinner and it just hit me. I bawled my freaking eyes out. In the kitchen. Yup. I said all of the "I want to go home"s and "God, why did you put me here"s and all of that. I'm sure that being really close to Aunt Flo's regular visit doesn't really help, but I really felt like an idiot about an hour after my breakdown.

And, out of nowhere, 5 minutes before Grey's Anatomy's premiere I hear that lovely Skype call noise on my computer. My internet and cable were back!!! And my hubby was online. And yes, I did hang up with him so I could watch Grey's Anatomy. I called him back as soon as it was off though. He understands my obsession with love for that show. Don't let him fool you. If he were here, he would have watched it too.

With the exception of almost finishing Nicholas Spark's new book and volunteering at the museum, I did NOT have a good day of being unplugged. But, I'm sure that had more to do with it being forced upon me than actually being unplugged. It's ok when it's my decision. It's not ok when it's not my decision, I have no control over it and no one can tell me why it's happening.

I am not okay with being forced back into the 19th century. Even if it is just for a day.


Canadianbloggergirl said...

You're not alone. Must be a base thing, cause one base hubby and I lived at used to have the same thing. They wouldn't do it overnight of course, only during the day! But at least it came on before Grey's. I mean that would have been the end for me! (I shouldn't talk cause I had to DVR the episode, which I do with everything I watch, cause 6am comes way too soon but I will watch it after I get the day care kids off to school). Hope you have a better day.

fancypants said...

Here we will have power outages and no one will know why! So it is not just your post/base, lol. We have "scheduled" outages as well- but at least they are on the weekend at night, so it's not so bad...