25 September, 2010

All I'm Thinking About

I have a million thoughts running through my head at this moment.

I had a good day. Much better than yesterday.

My heart feels light.

I realized something yesterday that I shouldn't have forgotten.


Today, I went shopping with Chantal. She needed a buddy to go with her to pick something up and I was happy to join. =) 

As usual when I go shopping, I rarely go with the intention of buying something. You know, just window shopping. Ha. Unfortunately for my bank account, there is an American Eagle at the mall we went to. AE is my weakness. I love just about everything in that stinkin' store. Jeans, shirts, tanks, hoodies, shoes, belts, sunglasses...you name it, I love it. Their jeans are my absolute favorite. 

After looking around for a while and getting disgusted with the ridiculously high prices, I made my way to the clearance rack. I found a few things that I liked, but not so many that I loved and couldn't live without. I went to the next rack - the one with jeans and shorts. I was really looking for some capris, but even in Hawaii AE doesn't carry summer attire year-round. I looked at jeans in what I thought was my size. I found 2 pair that were pretty cute, and I left Chantal to go to the dressing room. 

And I was pleasantly surprised. They fit!!! Last summer, I was a size 12 (ish). Around this time last year, I was about a 10. The pants I'm currently wearing are a 10. But today, I purchased these:

I almost shouted in the dressing room!! =D Chantal and I decided that even though they were a little more expensive than I would have liked, I needed to buy them. They're my celebration jeans! Besides, a girl needs a good pair of jeans in her closet. =)

I would still like to go down one more size, but I'm pretty proud that I made it this far! It's been hard and I know it will continue to be, but I've got to do this for me. 


When I got home today, I got an unexpected phone call from my husband. I asked why he was calling and he said, "I just thought I'd call to talk. Work is kind of slow." I got a "just because" phone call! =D Those are kinda rare. We usually talk on Skype, which is kind of preferable since I can see him that way, but it was really nice to just chat in the middle of the day. =) Kind of like we got a lunch break of something. Only it wasn't lunch time for either of us. I don't know why I enjoyed that 40 minute phone call so much, but it made my day. I guess it really is the little things. =)


In my life, I've forgotten many things. From the smallest things to the biggest. Grocery list, cell phone, sunglasses, ID, book, homework, etc, etc. I could go on forever. Recently, though, I forgot a really big thing.

I forgot how much Satan HATES marriage. I forgot that he wants to destroy it and everything good and Godly it stands for. I forgot that he doesn't care about the people involved, except that those people are committing themselves to something that reflects God. I forgot that he wants me to get irritated, frustrated, angry and want to give up. Because if I gave up, he'd win. He'd get what he wants - to destroy. To ruin. To kill. To steal. And it's easier for him to do it while my husband isn't right here in front of me. It's easier for him to do it when we miss each other and there's nothing we can do about it. 

I can't believe I forgot that...even if for a second. When I forget, I'm letting him win. I'm letting him invade my mind and my thoughts. The more I let him in, the closer he gets to winning. And I refuse to let him win. He won't get the best of me, my husband or our marriage. We're stronger than that. No, God is stronger than that. With His help, we'll win. We've already won. We just have to trust God. 

Just to solidify the fact that marriage really is worth fighting for, Paula Kathlyn over at The Patriotic Peacock posted an excerpt from Faith Deployed. You should definitely head over to her blog and check it out. 


I know this was a super random post, but I wanted to share all of these things with you. Thanks for sticking with my randomness. =)

Happy Weekend!!!


Lydia said...

that's amazing! Buying a new pair of jeans is always a good thing when you've lost weight (even if it is spendy) it's a gift for all of your hard work! Good job!

Canadianbloggergirl said...

Congrats on the size 8! I myself am trying to go down in dress sizes and lose a whole chunk of weight. So kudos to you! Share your secrets?
When my hubby was deployed, there would be weeks that would go by and I didn't hear from him. Those random phone calls are so unbelievably exciting, even if they were at 3am!

Kaylee said...

It's SO true - Satan DOES hate marriage and wants nothing more than to destroy it. But it's ALSO so true that God is SO much bigger and He HAS already won! Thank so you so much for sharing that thought - I needed that encouragement this morning!

And yay for a new pair of jeans in a smaller size - isn't that the best feeling??

JG said...

Yay for smaller jeans! That's my mission for the fall. I tried a pair I bought last year on the other day...not pretty!

Thanks for the reminder. I think we all need those "Aha!" moments every now and then, to remember that we can't do it alone. We need God.

Jenn said...

Hey you have an award over at my blog.

Chelsey said...

I'm heading on over to her blog to check it out. I can't wait. :)

And awesome about the jean size - drop.

My butt is much too big for American Eagle, but I'm with you. I love it! (I dont' wear it, but I window shop too! haha)

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

Way to go dropping a size! What an awesome feeling!