08 September, 2010

To Craft or Not to Craft?

I say, craft!

However, I am notorious for starting a craft project and putting it off for a bazillion years. Just ask my bestie, she'll tell ya! We started a patriotic wreath project while she was here, and I'm just now beginning to finish it. Yes. She was here in July. Told you.

In this project, you take cut out circles, make them into a cone (using hot glue) and then glue them to the wreath in a flag-like pattern. Simple. Quick. Yeah, for most people. =P

Speaking of my bestie and projects, she just finished a blanket for her sweet baby girl! I suppose I didn't let you in on the gender of the baby a few weeks ago. Woops. Surprise, it's a girl!! =D Don't you want to see her blanket? Of course you do. I'll share one picture and then for the rest, you'll have to go here. Trust me, you want to see the rest. =)

Isn't it just the cutest thing ever?! I love it. =) Now, go see the rest of the pictures!

This one is a project that Mrs. G.I. Joe gave me the idea for.

It's a paper chain countdown to homecoming. =)

It also involves this:

And a little bit of this:

I've only run into one problem with this project: decorating the box to put the cut-down links in. I don't know if I should make it all cute or simple with a touch of cute. I've thought about modge-podging (is that even a word?!) the entire thing in newspaper and then adding some cute embellishments, but I can't decide. I've thought about printing lyrics of our favorite "us" songs and putting those on there with some cute paper and embellishments, of course. Again, I just can't decide. Any of you have some good ideas? They would be appreciated!

And last, but not least, I want to do this iPhone cover project I saw on Oops! I Craft My Pants. =)

You can check out the link, but basically she took the insert that came with her clear iPhone cover and traced it onto some super cute scrapbook paper. Several times. And bingo! She's got a bazillion phone cover options for a steal! Forget buying a new cover every time you want something new! Get your exacto knife and some cute paper and you're done. =) I don't have the iPhone 4 yet, but I do have an iPhone and I bought myself a clear cover the other day. Unfortunately, I had to order it online so I can't do this project just yet. But when that baby puppy thing comes in the mail, you can bet your boots I'll have a pretty phone cover in no time! =) I seriously can't wait to do this one!!

So, now you fully realize my issues with crafting. It's not that I don't want to, it's that I start one, leave it; start another, leave it...and over and over again. It's sad, really. =P

Are you working on any projects?


The McGriff's said...

I am the same way except I start something and get all into it and get all the supplies, do it once then never pull it out again. It is a lot harder to do crafty things with a toddler running around too! I would love to one day set up a craft room where I could keep my things out all of the time (it is such a pain to get it out then put it all away) without little hands getting into glue, paper, or scissors! Right now my project is a Christmas stocking for Baby #2. I still have a year to get that one done though:-)

Canadianbloggergirl said...

I'm into cross stitching. I've been working on a wedding gift for about three years now...lol. It initially started out for my bestie from college (now brother in law, yeah I know I married his brother)...but never finished it....I start from the edges (supposed to start from the centre) and I still havne't gotten the border done! I've put in 72 solid hours on it. I think when its done it'll be for my daughter's wedding...lol.

JG said...

I have always wanted to be crafty, but like you, I am notorious for starting projects and never finishing them. I really need to finish up our 2009 scrapbook before we PCS, just so I don't have all that loose stuff to worry about!

Andrea said...

I love countdown chains!! I made one for Eric's basic training graduation but had to wait to start taking the links off because he was there over a week longer than we thought he would be. I can't imagine making one for a deployment countdown because mine was only 60 links long and it took me forever to make. Good luck, I loved seeing it get shorter!