29 September, 2010

I'm It - Again!

The wonderfully fabulous Mrs. P from A Little Pink in a World of Camo tagged me to answer some questions!! Just a little game that's found its way into the blogosphere. =) I did one last week, but there's no harm in doing another one!! Especially since no one I tagged followed the rules. =P Plus, it gives me a reason not to blog about all the crap I really want to talk/vent about. 

Alright, here are the questions:

1. If you were a shoe, what shoe would you be and why?
Oooh. I seriously like this question! If I were a shoe, I'd be a kitten heel, open toe shoe. Preferably red. Why? Well... Because, basically, that's the hottest, cutest, most stylish style of shoe I can think of. =) And I would like to be just as hot, cute and stylish.

2. What talent do you wish you had? Would you pursue learning or brushing up on that talent now?
Hmmm. I have always wanted to play the saxophone. Always. Well, since I was in band and realized that I liked the sound of an alto sax. I'd still love to learn...but that would require spending a lot of moola. =)

3. What is your favorite/best childhood memory?
Ugh, I hate this question. I don't have a favorite childhood memory, really. I have a lot of good memories, but to narrow one down? Yeah... I have no idea.

4. What is your favorite song? What lyrics strike you the most?
Ooh, my favorite song. =) Good one! I have a lot of favorite songs, but one of my most favorite ones is "Fast Cars and Freedom" by Rascal Flatts. I think it reminds me so much of Joe and I and that's the reason why I like it so much. =) 

Actually, I think it just reminds me of things Joe says to me...and the way things were when we were dating. =)

5. If you could go back in any period of time before you were born, where would you go, what would you do?
Eek! Perfect question for this history guru. =) I would loooooove to have lived in the 40s. Big band music, dancing, FDR, new policies... Oh man would I have loved to live then. I'm totally envious of my grandparents. Lol! {And yes, I'm totally ignoring the fact that there was a HUGE war in the middle of the 40s. Despite that, I think it still would have been amazing to live in that time.}

6. Who is your role model?
Role model? I don't think there's really ever been one person who I've always looked up to. As a whole - as a Christian - I strive to be more like Jesus. Not that I'll ever get there - not that I'm perfect - but I should be more like him. 

7. Pick a scar. Tell us it's story.
Haha, well alright then!! I have a 4 inch (ish) scar on my left leg. It used to be a birthmark. A big, red, round, hairy (before I shaved =P) birthmark. I used to refer to it as "my watermelon." It was red and sort of shaped like one... And my mom always told me that she ate an entire watermelon the day before I was born. Thus, "my watermelon." When I was 8, my doctor was worried about a dark mole that had formed in the middle of it so it was removed. He did it in the office, using a local anesthetic. I was 8 years old. My dad was late and I was inconsolable until he arrived. I had a total of 28 stitches and I was pretty miserable for a while. My dog even scratched it, so there's an added scar on the edge.  That's it; that's the story of my scar!

8. If you had no computer, tv, or phone for a whole day (YIKES!) what would you do with yourself?
Well, I would probably read for most of the day. If I got bored with that, I might do some scrapbooking or some other crafty thing. =) Although, I'd probably be going crazy wondering when I was going to get all of my devices back!! 

So, there you have it!

Now, if you ladies will actually follow the rules, I'll come up with my own questions and tag some of you!

1. What is your least favorite chore? Why?
2. If you were to get a tattoo (hypothetically, ladies) what would you get?
3. Everyone asks about your favorite ___ memory... I want to hear about your worst vacation memory. Someone got sick, someone was an idiot - go! =)
4. What is your favorite Disney movie?
5. [Stealing this question from my last attempt] What does your dream house look like?
6. Flashback moment: Were you a Backstreet Boys fan or an NSYNC fan? =)
7. What is your favorite board game?
8. If you could relive just one day in your life, what would it be?

Ah, so there you have it! I'm tagging:

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ModernMom said...

Just popped over from Canadian Blogger Girl and thought I would say Hello. I love your choice of shoe..love shoes! Great meme:)

JG said...

Hey, I'm sorry! It just took me a while to get to where I could to it! (I put it up today, AND answered all the questions!!)

And that is quite a scar story!

I love the 40s, too! 40s movies are my fav!

AF wifey said...

Oh my goodness your scar story is crazy. I dont know if I could do that at eight.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Thats cute. Fast cars and freedom!

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Wow your scar story is crazy! Your mom's pregnancy diet sounds exactly like mine was!

I feel the exact same way about that "favorite childhood memory" question! It really is hard to narrow down but also I prefer the "now." So trying to think of one of a favorite is just not something I ever get motivated to do :P