30 September, 2010

From Wha... To Awww, Yay!

It's been kind of a weird day.

I got up at 0600 this morning and talked to my hubby on Skype for a little while before he went to work. I went back to bed, well, because it was 0600 and I'd taken a Benadryl when I went to bed last night at 2245. I woke up 3 hours later at 0930. Uh, woops.

Ever since I woke up, I'd been feeling...funky. Sort of hungover, but without the headache. It was weird. My brain wasn't functioning, I had a hard time responding to people, my head felt funny if I bent over... Like I said, weird. It got better once I had some caffeine, but not completely better. This afternoon, I went to the museum where I proceeded to make a couple stupid mistakes.

Despite the silly mistakes, I got a lot accomplished at the museum and had a little bit of fun with my "co-workers." Around 1500, the A/C guy came to ask the curator some questions. The walked around the museum, asking him questions and then they came back to the workroom where A (the intern) and I were working. We pretty much ignored them, but she was more hidden from them then I was. He said something and I just turned to acknowledge his presence and went back to work. Then, something odd happened.

K (curator): Well, we really don't need anything else back here because we don't keep any artifacts in here. 

A/C man: Are you sure? Hahahaha! Just kidding. =D


After they walked out of the room, I told A "I don't really know how to take that..." She said, "Just go with it." LOL!

Ok, I know the guy is Hawaiian and there are a lot of local phrases and colloquialisms that I don't understand but this one is different. I haven't decided how I feel about being called an artifact. And, let's face it, he was most definitely talking to me. I was the only one he could see, sooo yeah. For those of you who are not history/museum people, an artifact is something that is stored in a museum. Like an old Army uniform, guns used in WWII, old photos, documents, journals, etc. Key word: old. Generally, artifacts aren't pretty either. Unless we're talking about a dress worn by the queen of England or something of that sort. Artifacts do not equal pretty.

So, what exactly did he mean...? Was he really talking about me or was he referring to the building or something in the room? K made a joke out of it and said that our computers might be considered artifacts because they're so old, but it still has me going "Wha...??!"

I also had the joyous experience of having my card declined at the commissary and having to write a check while 7 people stood in line behind me and the bag boy tried not to stare at me. But we won't go there; no we won't.

I finally got home after my very weird day and took a walk with Jasper to the mailbox. He looooves going to get the mail. It's actually kind of funny. If you say to him, "You wanna go get the mail?" He gets all excited, jumps around and runs to the door. =) He's so smart. This time, we went out the back door because I had to do the lovely chore of taking the trash out. Yay. Anyway, we went to get the mail. On my way back from the mailbox, I spied a little something sitting on my doorstep. As I got closer, I realized it was something pretty...and from my husband. Y'all, he sent me flowers!!!!!!

Aren't they pretty?! The little note that he sent with them was really sweet too. =) I must tell you that I rarely get flowers from Joe. Rarely. So him sending flowers from the sandbox is a huge deal. It's a very huge deal. =D

*insert happy dance here*

Just to round out my good day, I made myself some chocolate covered pretzels. Oooh yes. =) They are my new favorite treat. I wasn't a big fan of the sweet and salty thing for a while, but I must say I'm loving it at the moment! =D

It was definitely an odd day, but I am totally ok with the way it turned out!!


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

The flowers are gorgeous!! I am so jealous!

JG said...

I love surprise flowers! (probably because, like Joe, SoldierMan isn't the flower-sending type.)

And yeah, I'm not sure what the artifact thing is about either. BTW, I just started Hawaii 5-0 tonight and it made me think of you! (And seriously, but is Jin supposed to be native Hawaiian? I really am only watching it for him. :))

Jes said...

The only time I get flowers from my husband is when he is deployed!

Anonymous said...

Those flowers are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

The flowers are gorgeous! My husband's the same way...he never sends flowers, but he sent them twice while he was deployed. I sort of joked that if that's what it took to get flowers, then he was going to need to deploy more often! =)

Jen said...

That is so sweet!! They are beautiful, he did a good job! :)

Paul and Elizabeth said...

I love when that happens!!! :) They are beautiful!

Chantal said...

Jealllooouuusss. I told Brandon to send me flowers and he laughed!

You don't look like an artifact, don't worry. :P

Marie said...

Aww, the flowers are beautiful!

Little Momma said...

Pretty flowers! I'm completely into the sweet & salty stuff lately! I always have the strangest dreams when I'm on allergy meds. It's like the best sleep of my life, but I always struggle the next day!