04 September, 2010

Glory Days

All this talk (and watching) of football this weekend has had me thinking. Thinking about when I was in high school and on that football field every Friday night. Ah, yes, the Friday night lights. =)

From the time I was in 8th grade, I was in the high school marching band. {Our band included 8-12th grade.} I attended every.single.football game. Early on, I decided that if I was going to be attending every game, I might as well know what in the heck is going on out on the field. My dad was happy to help. Haha. =) Anyway. Last night, I was thinking about all of those nights out on the field during half time. I lived for it. Marching onto that field, all eyes on us, marching to the beat of the drums and the songs we played. The snap to attention. Listening to the cheers from the crowd as we marched off the field. Enjoying a 3rd quarter full of snacks, chit chat and fun. I loved every minute of it. Especially my senior year, when I was drum major. 

My senior year was my favorite. It was exactly what I hoped it would be. There were ups and downs with our moody band director (who was a female *sigh*) and other goings-on. But, when I was out on that field on a Friday night, leading "my" band out onto that field, calling them to attention, getting up on that podium that I was always afraid I'd fall off of, directing them and feeling goosebumps when everything went the way it should...I never felt better. Oh, I miss it. Sometimes I wish that I could go back and relive just one of those nights. =) They were so fun! A lot of times, I'd yell so much during a game that I'd lose my voice for a day or two. My choir director didn't like that very much. I was very passionate about band and football and when the two combined... Bye, bye voice. =)

I will never regret being in band in high school. It definitely was NOT the most popular thing to do, but I enjoyed it. Plus, I have some great memories from that time in my life. Being on the bus on the way to and from a game, going to a competition, early morning practice, late night practice, yelling, screaming, laughing...it was definitely worth it. I sometimes wish I'd gone to a bigger school and been in marching band there. And then I remember that I met my husband in college and forget about the "shoulda, coulda, woulda." 

So, on this College Gameday, I will share with you some pictures from my "glory days" just because. Hope you enjoy them!! =D

This was my 8th grade year. You know I love you guys, because I'm sharing this awful picture. 

This was my sophomore year. {Excuse the bad scrapbooking skills, please.} That's me with the braided pigtails and bandana. I was in color guard that year and I still played in the stands. On the left is Anna, my bff in high school. 

I'm toward the back, talking to the group of girls and putting on chapstick. Pre-game warm up. ;-)

Directing! =)

Possibly my favorite band related picture ever. This was taken right before our early morning practice. I think it was for the big football season booklet. The band room is detached from the main school buildings. This was taken in the "breezeway" in between the high school and band room. There were only 3 seniors in band my year, so that's us!

Collage from my senior memories book.

And again. =) The top picture there was taken at a home game during our 3rd quarter break. 

OBA is a BIG band competition in Oklahoma. 7th place for our itty bitty band was a HUGE deal.

Me with the trophy. =D Oooh yes!

This one is not from high school. It was taken in my parents' front yard my sophomore year in college. this is just to show my love of football. =) I was playing catch with my dad or brother...can't remember now. See that blue car in the back? That was my 2nd granny mobile. The one that I destroyed in NC. ;-)

I hope you enjoyed my little jaunt down memory lane. I sure did! =D

Happy Gameday!!! Oh, and BOOMER SOONER!! =)


The McGriff's said...

I had to come back to see your pictures! When I read this post only about 2-3 pictures showed up but now they are all there :-)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh I love seeing those old band photos!!! Those bring back my memories!