03 August, 2010

Too Excited, Too Early

There's been a lot of junk going on in my life for the last few days. No details - they're far too personal to share here. Let's just say there's been a big, big, big issue going on and there's nothing I can do about it. Only God and the one person can fix it.

I've been an emotional mess for the most part. One minute I'm ok and dealing with it, then I'm angry, and then I'm just sad. It's hard. Especially when there's not a thing I can do and the one person I want/need to talk it over with is halfway across the world.

Most of the weekend, I felt like I needed to hang one of these on my front door (or around my neck).

My house has been a wreck until today. I finally got up the motivation to do the dishes, clean of the counters, sweep the kitchen, walkway and living room, and to clean up the living room a bit. Next on the agenda is the bathroom. =/ Yuck. Not that it's nasty. I just hate cleaning the shower. Or, should I say, my back hates cleaning the shower.

For some reason today, Joe and I started talking about R&R. Well, ok not "just for some reason." ;-) Anyway. We decided that we're going to get a really nice hotel room for the first night he's here. I think this is a fabulous idea. We didn't even have a honeymoon suite when we got married. We had it nice, alright, but it wasn't niiiiiiice. Ya know? So, we've decided to spoil ourselves a bit. We're talking big room, nice view, room service, jacuzzi/big bathtub kind of nice. =) The problem? The price. Apparently I haven't been in Hawaii long enough to realize that hotel prices are more expensive here too. =P You'd think I would have realized that by now. One room I looked at was about $259 and the other was $320. For one night. Uh, OUCH!!!! We're ok with spending a decent amount of money, but I really don't want to spend a fortune on one night. *sigh*

Anyone have any hints, tips or advice? They'd be appreciated!

After searching online and getting all excited, I realized two things.

1. We have no R&R dates set yet. {And even then, it's subject to change. Ah, military life.}
2. R&R is still a looooooong way away.


Someone, please help me keep my brain in check!!!!



Miss Miranda said...

I'm sorry your struggling with something right now! If I can do anything for you or lead an ear to bend, just let me know :-)

A nice room sounds GREAT! Have you checked out the Hale Koa? I think that's how you spell it ..

I think if you save a little each month that it would be totally worth it to spend the money on a NICE room. This is a special time for you guys - you deserve all the bells and whistles! Take full advantage of it all :-)

Little Momma said...

Oh mercy...

here's a ((HUG)) from a stranger! (for what it's worth!)

Honey Bee said...

Sorry you're dealing with a mess of emotions right now. That's so stinky.

I've used Priceline.com several times to get good hotels. You have to take what they give you, as far as the specific hotel, if that hotel agrees to your price, but you can put in whatever you're willing to spend and what star level you want and the area of town you're looking for. This summer, I got rooms for me and my father-in-law for a week at The Ritz for $45 a night. : ) Give it a try, if you're not set on one particular place.

ACU's and ABC's said...

I've also used priceline and have had EXCELLENT luck! Put in that you want either a 4 or 5 star hotel and the price that you are willing to pay. You can also choose a specific area of the city. I have used it twice in Atlanta and also in Orlando. I got some awesome deals and you can do it last minute too!

Heather said...

Sorry to hear about your trials, but God will take your burdens and carry them for you. I know this is coming from a stranger but try my website www.scottsadventuretravel.rovia.com , you can live chat and sign up as a preferd customer and get really good deals. Also we have condos for the week at great deals!

Anonymous said...

*hugs* Have you checked ITT (Information, tickets, and tours...I think) on post? They can usually tell you who has discounts for military members. We're currently booking a trip to Hawaii, and there are a ton of hotels that have discounts for service members on block leave or R&R.

Also, have you tried just calling the hotel and explaining the situation? When C came home to Seattle for R&R, I got an amazing room at a great price by playing the deployment card. =)

JG said...

Oh gosh, I'm sorry. I don't know what's going on, but if you ever need to talk you know I'm here.

I agree, play the deployment card. The worst they can do is say "no." :)

Anonymous said...

The Hale Koa in Waikiki is a military hotel. It's right on the beach and their rates are according to rank, plus they have R&R specials. It's not extra super fancy but might be worth looking into as long as you don't mind being in Waikiki.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Sweetie I'm so sorry. I am going through something similar. I m a mess. An emotional train wreck and it can't be fixed. The damage is done and I can't cope.

I love you tons and you KNOW if you need anything I am here via email, FB, text, skype... whatever!

The hotel sounds fabulous :)

stacie-marie said...

oooh vay yeah i wanted to go to a lofge in edelweiss cus it is 40%off rooms and food during r&r but hubby didnt want to go if they didnt take dogs (most place here do they dont) so since Im trying to redo our bedroom I'm just going to try to make our bedroom into a suite thn he can relax in our own home. something you can think about

Charity said...

Try www.govarm.com You might find a decent rate there. Good luck! =)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have you looked up places on Vrbo? Its mostly vacation rentals but you can get some places for one night and at really great prices.