30 July, 2010

Retail Therapy?

Yes, please!!

And that is exactly what I did yesterday. Well, I wasn't planning on doing retail therapy. It just sort of happened.

I called up my good friend Mrs. C yesterday and asked her if she'd like to go to Petco with me since it's close to where she lives. She said yes, and I headed her way. We browsed Petco for a bit and decided that everything was overpriced. Since Target (pronounced: Tar-jay=) it's French! lol) was nearby, we decided to go there too. I was only looking for Jasper-related items, but good 'ole Target gets ya right when you walk in --- women's clothes. I looked and looked, grabbed my faves and headed to the dressing room with Mrs. C by my side. Of course, she didn't end up buying anything. While I only had a few items I felt rather guilty for purchasing these beauties:

Basic, adorable dress. Who doesn't need one of these?!

Left: super cute tank in a fabulous color.
Right: a light and comfy summer dress.

After Target, we decided it was time for some lunch. We made a quick stop at Subway (yum-o! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!) and then we walked over to Ross. Oh, Ross. =) That store has been hit and miss for me in the past. But, yesterday, it was most definitely a hit!! I think we spent about an hour there, going through all their home goods, shoes, and knick knacks. After all that searching and picking through things, I came out with all this: {and I really wish I'd taken a picture of our cart before we checked out!}

Kitchen stuff! I have been searching everywhere for a coffee themed spoon rest!!! I saw it, and knew that it was mine. =)

Isn't it cute?!

Before, with the Las Vegas spoon rest my mom gave me.

After with my new spoon rest and towels.
Much better, right?

A dog bed for Jasper! Fitting, don't you think? I just hope he uses it...

Last, but definitely not least, I bought these gorgeous shoes! *swoon*

Mrs. C and I had a great impromptu shopping trip! She didn't buy near as much as I did, but I needed some deployment retail therapy. =) Thanks for some shopping fun, Mrs. C!!


I also bought these cuties at American Eagle a few days ago. I love Am. Eagle!

Then on Wednesday, I had a little bit of the productivity feeling. =) While my bestie was here, I purchased about 10 frames in a set from Babies R Us. {Don't judge. She's pregnant. We went to the baby store and I found frames. =P} I got them for a steal, so I couldn't pass that up! I ordered prints from WalMart - site to store. Note to my readers: pay the extra for the one hour...it's not worth waiting 3 weeks to get them. Better yet, use Walgreens. They're cheaper. Anyway... I picked up my prints and hurried home to get them all set up. Feeling productive, I decided to hang them up....

First, I set them up the way I wanted them on the wall...

Then, I taped paper to the wall to see how it might look.

Then, I made some adjustments and broke out my hubby's toolbox. =) After nailing, moving nails, knocking one of the frames off the wall and making sure everything was as level as possible, this is what I wound up with in my hallway. =)

So, whaddaya think?

All in all, it's been a pretty good week! Now, if I could only get up the motivation to clean up my house!! It's not terrible, but it could definitely use a good once over. Any takers? ;-)

Happy Friday!


Brigette said...

I love the way you set up your frames. you did a really good job. :) looks excellent

Mrs. C said...

Love the picture frames! So cute!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Love the frames!! And retail therapy... man I'm jealous!

Jordan Streetman said...

I am wanting to go to Target now, and I love that spoon holder!!

Honey Bee said...

I think the frames look great!

And nothing beats Target in my book. Busy Bee and I head there quite often when Sweets is at work. Even if we don't buy anything, Busy Bee likes to say hi to Elmo and Cookie Monster in the toy aisle and I love just about every other section. :)

Little Momma said...

your frames look great! I can barely get a single frame on the wall straight... much less a collection!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Oh I love Target!! I like the frames!

Jes said...

the tank you bought at Target...LOVE IT! I have that and about 10 other colors, I wear one about 6 days a week!