18 August, 2010

New Toy

Today, I went out and bought myself a printer/copier/scanner/fax machine. Whew. I won't be using it for fax though. Well, not right now. So far, I am loving this thing!!! Wanna see it?

It's a Canon Msomething. =) I don't care what model it is. What's important is that it works and does all the stuff that I want it to. Oh, I didn't even mention the best part! It runs on a wireless network!!! No more cords hanging off my desk and crowding me. *happy sigh* It's wonderful, really. I'm pretty proud that I set this thing up all on my own. Joe is my IT guy, so it's a big deal for me to do this stuff by myself. I've been dying for a better printer that didn't pop right out of the 90's, seriously and I really wanted a copier/scanner too. I got everything that I wanted at a decent price. =D

So, after I got it all set up I decided that I'd play with it a bit. I mean, what good is it to have a new toy if you don't do anything with it?! Right? ;-) I bet you'll never be able to guess what I did next. Hehehe. I went to the closet in the spare bedroom and pulled out the boxes of old pictures of Joe and I. Ooooh yes. And I started scanning away!! I have to share these with you!!! {Sorry, hubby. I love you!!!!}

Guess who this cutie is? That's right. It's my hubby. Isn't he cute?! =D

This picture was taken 3 DAYS after I was born. Betcha this cutie didn't know that his future wife was born halfway across the world when this was taken. =)

I stinkin' love this one!

I love this cheesy smile. I see that one on occasion too. =)

So handsome. =) {I think he was like 16-17 here.}

Now that I've completely embarrassed my husband who wasn't even here to defend himself, I suppose I could show you pictures of me. 

Me and Papa doing crossword puzzles.

I've always loved sunglasses. =)

Me and Mom at Creekmore Park. =) I love this picture.

Sittin' on the stairs listening to Papa tell a story. This was pretty much the norm when I stayed with my grandparents for the weekend. 

I have more pictures of me in high school than I do of me as a baby. This was taken at a football game my senior year. {I was drum major.}

Also taken my senior year...after OBA (Oklahoma Band Association...or something like that) Competition. We got 7th place, which is a BIG DEAL for a piddly 'ole 1A band. I got to accept the trophy and I clung to that sucker later. =D {In case you're wondering, the 100+ person bands are usually like 5A. We had about 80 people. BIG DEAL.}

Band night! Kind of like homecoming for band. Everyone knows that band nerds NEVER get voted to be in homecoming, so we had our own. =) And yes, I'm wearing the crown. That's me and my bff from high school, Anna, in the middle. 

So, I don't know about y'all, but I think our kids are gonna be freakin' cute!!!! =D 

I hope you've enjoyed my little trip down memory lane. I had a good time playing with my new toy. Now, what else can I scan...?


beckara said...

Congratulations on the new toy. ;) I have one but it most definitely NOT wireless. I would LOVE that.

Great picture, Sarah. I enjoyed them. Especially the last one of Joe. I haven't seen a picture of what my friend looked like back in the day in a LONG time. He was so sweet. :)

I agree, yall are gonna have cute youngins. :D

JG said...

This makes me sad! I had a scrapbook of all our old photos from high school and it got lost in the move. :( I love looking at your pictures! I was the Band Aid, so I have some fun memories, too!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

How fun!!! I love this :)

Jen said...

I love all the pictures! I just did the same thing tonight we got an awesome new wireless printer/scanner/copier so me and the scanner had some fun haha :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love seeing the old pictures! So cute!