12 August, 2010

Guest Post =D

You can find me today over at Chantal's blog, A Blog A Day While You're Away. =) She just got back from a trip to Canada, so I'm filling in for her while she recovers. She's also on this lovely island and surviving a deployment. After being on the same island and the same post for a few months, I finally ran into her last month! It was an interesting meeting... I walked into where she worked and I thought I recognized her. Then she said, "Sarah, right? I'm Chantal. I read your blog." Haha =) Anyway, please head over to her blog and check out my post on Deployment Brain.


P.S. Thanks for asking me to guest post, Chantal!


Anonymous said...

I always wondered what it would be like to be recognized from blogging. LOL!

Chantal said...

Haha, I did say that, didn't I? Thanks for guest blogging! I sure need the break... if I had posted last night it would have been nothing but nonsense.

JG said...

I love that post! :) You have had some funny "deployment brain" incidents.

Jesse and Marissa said...

I got your post yesterday about you living on Hawaii...Funny thing...I know Chantal! We met in Georgia. She couldn't meet up with me when we were on the island because she was away, funny how it's a small world!

Thanks for the offer....Sorry I missed ya! Feel free to look me up if you make it to WA!