16 July, 2010


After dropping the bestie off last night, I was a little sad [as you can probably tell].

Well, after I'd been home for a while, I remembered the strange 3 doorbell rings and no one at my door yesterday. So, I thought it'd be a good idea to check it out at o'dark thirty last night. Why, I'm not sure. I opened the door and lo and behold there were USPS flat rate boxes on my doorstep!! Woohoo!!

I had called last week [I think] and ordered their military package thing. I've been dying to get the boxes because I was beginning to feel like a bad wife for having not sent him something yet. He's been gracious about it, but when he mentioned that he was dying to get mail my heart just sank. =( Bad wifey.

I'd had a small box that I've been putting things in to send to him. So, I got out all the five boxes they sent me and picked one that would hopefully fit everything. I filled it up last night and attempted to figure out the customs form. I was tired and confused, so I gave up and went to bed. I had to make cookies before I could send the package anyway, so it's not like I was losing time.

This morning, I got up, had breakfast, attempted to Skype with my SIL again {long story}, and started making him some cookies. While I'm waiting for them to bake, I attempted the customs form again...with an utter fail. They come with directions, but they don't really explain things well. Like how on earth I'm supposed to fit an APO address on there... or why there are only 3 lines for contents when I have a bazillion things in the box... or how you're supposed to fill out extra forms if you don't have enough room... Finally, I decided to try USPS's website. I was going to do Click N Ship and realized that that might not be the best idea. I searched and found the customs form I needed and that was about a zillion times easier than trying to figure out the paper form. They actually walk you through it step by step, which is great for newbies like me! I'm still not 100% certain I did everything correctly, but Mr. Post Man will just have to deal with it and help me out when I get to the post office later today.

But seriously, these things should come with instructions!!! I was about ready to pull my hair out trying to figure out the customs forms, then the web site, and weighing everything... Being a MilSpouse should require like a month's worth of classes, instructions, and hand books. Seriously.

Now, for a trip to the good 'ole post office. Yay! [insert sarcasm here]

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Brigette said...

Wow that sounds frustrating to no end you think they would put better directions! They do need to have milspouse classes life would go so much more smoothly!

JG said...

It depends on who you get, but when I went in to mail something to an APO address, the clerk walked me through the form. Granted, he was an unusually nice USPS worker, but you never know, you might get lucky!

Chantal said...

Oh, where did you find that explanation? Those customs forms are tricky!

Sarah said...

Chantal, I found the forms online here: http://webapps.usps.com/customsforms/welcome.jsp

P.S. You need to set up your reply-to email!! =)

Jamie said...

I'm sorry you're feeling overwhelmed but don't stress about the customs forms! I was always pretty vague.. I'd write "snacks, toys, etc." and never had a problem!

Sarah Ruth said...

I'm freaking out about the customs forms too! EEK!