20 July, 2010


I was watching Say Yes to the Dress today (I'm a serious TLC addict) and they showed a clip of one couple's wedding and their first kiss as husband and wife. So sweet, right? =) Well, it got me to thinking about our wedding and that kiss. Oh, that kiss!! Then, I thought of all the other memorable kisses Joe and I have had.

Ah, our first kiss. =) It was really sweet. We were at my house...I can't remember exactly what we'd been doing. Probably watching a movie or something. Everyone else in the house was asleep, so it was just us. It was getting late and he went to the chair in the kitchen area (my mom's house has a living room/kitchen/dining area in one big room) to get his coat. Of course, I walked with him to get his coat. He hugged me, pulled back and said, "Sarah, would it be alright if I kissed you now?" [or something like that]. I about melted into a puddle right before him. No one had ever, ever asked me if they could kiss me. It had always been one of those things that just happened. It never really occurred to me that any guy would ask. But he did. =) And I said yes. It was amazing. Let's just say that he's a really passionate guy. ;-)

This was taken not too long after that first kiss. =)

Next up on memorable kisses is the kiss at our wedding. There was the kiss when we got engaged, but I think I was too overwhelmed to really remember that one. =) So, on we go. The day of our wedding was just...great. I'd say perfect, but I chipped a nail when I was helping set up the reception and stupid balloons kept popping and about made me have a panic attack. Looking back, I'm not sure why that bothered me so much. Lol=) I got my hair done, had junk food for lunch, hung out with my mom and bridesmaids. One of my bridesmaids did my makeup, they dressed me... I mean, it was great! I had a great time catching up with my bff from high school while my bridesmaids were off taking pictures. I had Meagan (another bridesmaid) run to the fellowship hall and snap a picture of my cake when it arrived...

As it got closer to time to walk down the aisle, friends and family would come in to see me. {Please tell me a bride who didn't love that part. ;-)} I was never nervous and Meagan kept asking me how on earth I wasn't nervous and was just acting normal. =) Well, I did eventually get butterflies about 10 minutes before. I wasn't nervous because I was getting married, though. Just nervous about doing it in front of so many people. Once I saw Joe, I about lost it! He had to talk to me whenever there was a quiet moment because he knew I'd cry. God bless that man. =) As we were standing up there, it was all sinking in. I was marrying the man of my dreams, my best friend, my soul mate. When his dad sad "you may kiss your bride" my heart just got so happy and excited!! I think it was a kiss that neither one of us will forget. In fact, I think Joe mouthed a silent "WOW!" afterward. ;-) Pretty sure I felt the same way. Best. Moment. Ever.

Mm-mm, good. =)
I love how his dad is looking down, smiling and blushing a little. Hehehe.

And then there was this one. The one that happened seconds before he got on a bus to leave for war. The one where I was crying more than smiling. The one where both of us were crying. We probably broke the rules a bit - I was helping him put MREs and bottled water in his assault pack and they were kinda in formation. But, he needed help! So, I took the opportunity to talk to him in person and kiss him before he left. Yeah, that one will definitely stay with me for a while. At least 6 more months, anyway. Hurry up, R&R! I miss my hubby!

Best picture from that day. =) The ones of us together just suck. 
It's hard to be happy when deployment is looming over you like a big, black storm cloud.

So, those are our memorable kisses. What are yours?



Marie said...

Hmm, it's hard to narrow all those kisses down to a few memorable ones. Aside from the obvious first, wedding, reunion, etc. My favorite are when he comes home from work gives me a hug so big it lifts me off my feet and then plants a kiss on me.

Alia said...

this is such a sweet post, love it :)
my most favorite is when he graduated boot camp: ran over picked me up and kissed me, later that night he proposed! :)

Erin said...

Very Sweet post! I love your wedding dress it was very pretty!!

Paula Kathlyn said...

When Seth first kissed me, we weren't even together. We would go to the movies for fun and he brought me home one night. Right before he walked out the door, he hugged me (which I thought was weird b/c we didn't hug!) and then he planted one right on my mouth and ran out the door! It wasn't even a good kiss b/c I was totally not prepared...he kissed my teeth!!! I was so mad at him but now it makes for such a funny story and three years after that we got married, so I guess it worked :-)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, I love hearing these stories! I love your wedding gown!

JG said...

Aw, this is too sweet! What great memories :)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Such a sweet post! I totally cried reading about the last one. Kisses are the best!