22 July, 2010

Kickin' It!

Today, I'm pretty pumped about how I'm doing. =)

I realized when I got up this morning that I'm ok. I'm not a basket case anymore, thank the Lord! I still miss Joe and that probably won't stop until I see him again. But, I'm ok.

I'm getting used to him not being here, not walking in the door after work or being in my bed at night. I can stay up late reading or chatting online and not worry about keeping him awake. I can eat whatever the heck I want for dinner. I have complete control of the remote. =) I can make dates with friends and not have to make sure he doesn't want to do anything or make sure that we don't have plans already.

I do miss him, and hanging out with friends doesn't compare to having him here. But, I'm making do with what I've got. That's all we can do, right? I'm sure it does help that he's able to email me a few times a day, especially when he can't call. At least if my inbox is filling up I know he's ok. I'd much rather hear his voice, but emails ease my mind.

I do have one issue, though. Another wife (whose hubby is in Joe's company) is bad about assuming things happened and then proceeding to tell other wives, myself included. {Not to mention she clearly violated OPSEC by posting on Facebook that her husband was going on a mission! Aaaaaaah!} So anyway. Tuesday, she freaks out [again on facebook] that her husband hung up on her. Well, I commented and told her that they were probably just having issues with the phones. She says that that couldn't be it because she heard him hang up. I'm not one to argue about petty stuff like that, so I left it alone. Yesterday, she posted that he called her and explained that they shut the phones down. Like I said. Then, she IMs me telling me that they only shut the phones down when something bad happens. Seriously? Seriously?! I'm sorry, but you just don't go around saying things like that! First of all, I don't believe her because Joe has told me that the phones/internet just aren't reliable there. Second, he had emailed me all day yesterday and the day before. So, I'm pretty sure that nothing bad happened. Joe would have said something. Then, she proceeds to tell me what her husband works with and blah, blah, blah. I'm telling you, I know her husband's MOS better than she does. But, since this sister doesn't feel like violating OPSEC, I'm not going to get any further into that one.

I'm just floored that she would tell me something like that. You just don't say things like that out of the blue to a fellow milspouse when your husbands are deployed. How about waiting for the chain of command to verify that? Or how about just not saying anything about it - keeping it to yourself? Sometimes, I really believe that she's one of those women who likes to be considered "in the know." She's a military brat, and she throws that in everyone's face every time she gets the chance. Her father was/is not in the Army, so it's like he can make a difference around here unless he was posted here. I don't give a crap if your dad is an officer. It doesn't give you a free pass to act however you want and say what you want. The woman is going to end her husband's career with some of the crap she says! I would never, ever speak to Joe's NCOs or COs the way she does. The woman apparently has no idea how her mouth can affect her husband's career.

*sigh* And God must really be laughing at me right now because I invited this woman to go to church with me on Sunday. Y'all better start praying now!

Anyway, I had a great time with Mrs. C again yesterday! We did nothing but hang out, watch TV and chat but it was great anyway. =) I've been in the "I don't wanna go anywhere or see anyone" funk, so it was nice for a change. Then, last night I stayed up entirely too late chatting on Skype with Miranda over at Hangin' Loose with the Tucci's! I think I found a new island friend!!! =D Actually, I'm pretty certain I have. Both of us have a...um...passion for football! It's rare to find another woman that is just as excited about football as I am. I usually have to resort to talking to men about it. ;-) Lol! Though, I love it when I talk to guys about football for the first time, and they look at me in awe. =) Love it! Anyway, we've already planned to have football parties this "fall." I say "fall" because it's not like we're going to get fall-like weather here in Hawaii. So, I just have to say a big, huge thanks to Jennifer at Crazy Shenanigans for "introducing" us!! Jennifer sent me her blog address when she was heading out to Hawaii. Eager to make friends, I sent her an email immediately. But, we haven't really had a non-Facebook conversation until last night. It was fabulous! =)

So, yet again, God provides. I'm super excited about having more friends here. I'm even more excited that I'm kickin' this deployment's butt!! =D

Now, if I could only find the "want to" to clean my kitchen and do laundry... Any suggestions?



Brigette said...

I've seen alot of women with big mouths get there hubsands in trouble. You think they would understand? I mean you wouldn't want your spouse saying stuff to your boss.. argh! Some women!!
I'm glad your doing better though!

stacie-marie said...

They do shut down most FOB'S and COB'S if something bad happens BUT that is all communication phone, internet everything so I keep that in mind when I havent talked to my husband but maybe my neighbor has or another wife in his unit has.. for some reason as weird as it seems it makes me feel better

JG said...

Sounds like you are really good at keeping it all in perspective. That's important.

Yay for making new friends!! :)

ACU's and ABC's said...

glad you are hanging in there and having fun!

Alia said...

lol, women like that make me want to scratch my eyes out! lol sounds like you are handling it very well :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, yay!! I'm glad you guys have hit it off! I've known her since high school and she's so much fun! I'm sure you guys will have a great time hanging out and getting to know each other. Now if she can get you to like Marshall football!!!

The Tucci's! said...

I'm glad we were able to talk FOOTBALL yesterday! it's hilarious we blogged about the same thing today! Great minds think alike!!! :-)

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Dude chicks that that piss me off. Probably anger you more since you have to deal with her but seriously OPSEC isn't that hard.