01 July, 2010

Wild, Wild Wednesday!

Today was a very interesting day...that ended with a phone call. =)

It started with me waking up, but not wanting to get out of bed. Melissa and I Skyped for a bit and then I headed off to pick up Mrs. C. We were going to watch Twilight and New Moon to get ready for Eclipse, but that did not happen - no sir. What did happen was a whole lot of productivity and a little bit of hilarity...

After eating lunch (and enduring a phone call in which I spoke to Mom, Nana and Papa - finally), Mrs. C wanted to take a look at all I'd gotten done yesterday. She was impressed. ;-) Then we impressed ourselves. Remember that extremely heavy file cabinet I moved yesterday? We moved it again, to the hall closet. It seemed like a good idea at the time. We shimmied that thing for what felt like forever until it was finally concealed in the closet...only to realize that the door wouldn't shut. *sigh* I decided to leave it because I was too tired to move it again! I think it's going to stay there permanently.

Then we got to work on the 5 bazillion boxes crammed into the spare bedroom. We made some serious progress in there! We unpacked boxes and moved other boxes into the storage closet. As we were trying to get things organized in the room, I decided to trash an old printer we have that would cost just as much money to fix as to get a new one. So, Mrs C. hefted that thing and I followed behind her trying to figure out what to do with it until trash day. I finally decided it should be left in the garage so I could put it by the curb later. As she set it down on the ground, I was holding the screen door when I heard the door slam behind me. The garage door locks automatically when it closes.  I gasped, turned around to look at it, and then we looked at each other. We're locked out of the house!!!!

Both of us were barefoot, we didn't have keys or a cell phone to call housing to come unlock the door. We did what any two women would do - walked around back to find a way in. Unfortunately for us, I'd gotten a padlock for the back gate. *sigh* But, I noticed several days ago that one of the boards in our fence was loose. I thought that one of us could maybe squeeze through. No dice. Then Mrs. C noticed that the board next to it was loose too. We yanked those suckers out of the post, and walked through the fence. No biggie, I can just nail the boards back in later. Not like they weren't loose before.

I was so excited that we'd done it. Mrs. C had gone first, so she was attempting to open the screen door when I heard something snap and then heard her gasp. She broke the screen door latch!!! How on earth were we gonna get in now?! We tried to pull it back, but I didn't want to break it anymore. Then the stupid thing came off the tracks. Great. Just great. So, we're standing there trying to decide if we can get the screen off the window... Then, I walked up to the screen door and said, "My house! It's right here and I can't get in it!" {Drama queen much?! Lol!} I attempted to yank the door back again and only broke the latch more. =( As I was beginning to get beside myself, Mrs. C found a part of the latch that wasn't broken and opened the door!!!! Sweet success! I still can't believe we did that!!! At the time, I was a little annoyed, but it was soooo funny!!!

We took a break for a bit...I think we deserved it, considering. =) Then we hung pictures in the spare room and hallway, and organized my storage closet in the hall. I still can't believe how much we got accomplished! I still have a few boxes to go through and I need to organize my bathroom and linen closet, but we did pretty darn good today.

No real updates on Papa, but he sounded good and positive when I talked to him. He seriously made me cry when he said, "I know you're praying for me but I just want you to know that I'm praying for you too." *tears* The man is in the hospital with an aneurysm, blood clot, tumor, double vision and he's praying for me. I wanted to give him the biggest hug in the world! I miss Papa hugs. They're so great. =) Mom says he keeps telling her that he's going to be at church on Sunday. The doctors say there's a 90% chance of the procedure they're doing tomorrow is going to work. Whew. That makes me feel better.

A better thing happened when I got home this evening - I talked to my husband twice! Once on facebook chat (which is totally NOT working like it should...GRR) and once on the phone! It was so incredibly good to hear his voice! He's adjusting well to the heat, thank goodness. And apparently, he's been enjoying the training they've been doing. Just like a man, lol! ;-) He about died laughing when I told him about mine and Mrs. C's adventure of the day. I'm glad I could give him a laugh. He sounded like he could use it. He's been worried about me and wishes he could be here with me through all of the things going on with Papa.

He's been watching Band of Brothers on his laptop, and he told me something so incredibly sweet to tell Papa - how much he appreciates everything he has done and is still doing for his family and he's proud to be his grandson-in-law. Yeah, I cried. He cried. Apparently, his sense of duty to honor the ones before him (like my Papa who served in Korea) has only increased so far. It's interesting to see him changing, yet still being the guy I fell in love with almost 4 years ago.

We talked about how neither of us ever thought he'd be "over there" in a million years. Weird, because just the other night I walked by our engagement photo hanging on the wall and wondered if we'd ever even known any of this would happen. Who was that couple anyway? What happened to them? The changes in the last year alone have been so huge. Before we hung up, we were holding back tears and saying many "I love yous". He made me cry even more when he told me he'd be praying for me...and I told him I'd be praying for him too.

It's weird how a phone call can make you so incredibly happy, but so sad at the same time.

Today was definitely a wild day. But, I suppose I wouldn't have it any other way. I saw a friend from DayStar post on Facebook today that she missed her husband. A mutual church friend wrote back: "I bet! Aren't you glad you have a[n] awesome husband to miss?" Yes, that's exactly the way I feel. =) I'm glad I have him to miss. Even if he is thousands of miles away. I love him and miss him. And I'm so glad he's mine. =) I just wish the Army would recognize that he was mine first. Yeah, nice wish, huh? ;-)



Ashleigh said...

Oh man, the first month is so hard. Hang in there, I know it doesn't seem like it but it DOES get better. Fun that you got to hear from him today, glad that he's safe. Lots of love.

annoyed army wife said...

Great lock-out story! I'm glad it ended so well for you two and that you were able to give your husband a good laugh about it. I have your Papa and your family in my thoughts.

Elizabeth and Patrick said...

Oh my gosh what a day ... but it sounds like you are being super productive .. I think I'll start the super productive section of my life next week .. :) Glad you have someone to spend time with!

stacie-marie said...

ha ha I got locked out of my house yesterday too cus Germany if the latch isn't down the door will loocke and after calling the mp, fire station, rear D or calle hubby's rear D someone came to the house and send I had to go to the other post 20 minutes away I finally just had my neighbor kick in the door

JG said...

Wow, you are so productive :) Maintenance is going to think you were vandalized. :) That's awesome. Glad you got a phone call, too! That makes any day better!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

So I started off laughing and ended up crying. Girl I think about you all the time! I'm glad you're staying busy and that Papa is doing good and that Joe is doing great too. Loves!!

Leza said...

I LOVE your lock-out story. I did that sooo many times when I lived there. Unfortuantely/fortunately, those houses are sooo hard to break in to. That can be good for security and bad for lock out days. I eventually gave a spare key to my neighbor and she came to my rescue sooo many times. Thank goodness for those crappy fences though :)

I'm sorry to hear that you don't have any good news on your Papa but just know that he is in my prayers and I'm always praying that your days and nights get easier as the days go by. I know it's not easy being alone especially when your family is so far away. This is when I learned to cherish my friendships even more!

I'll continue to pray for you. Keep your chin up...you're too pretty to be sad.

Mrs. Wifey said...

Seemed like you had a very full day. Keep your head up honey. Things always end up working out for good -:)

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