09 June, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin

X number of days until this handsome, sweet Soldier leaves. *insert big huge sad face here*

I think one way I'm going to be coping with his absence is reading. I think I'm going to start a list of books to read while he's gone. I love reading, but I'm really picky about what I read. I like love historical fiction, good novels (my favorite author is Nicholas Sparks), anything by Karen Kingsbury (I'm still working on her collection of books), and good Christian devotionals. I'm open to just about anything, as long as it's not trashy. I have issues with books filled with sex scenes and 'language'. I'm ok with a little here and there, but I can't handle a book full of it. Anyway. I'm open to suggestions to add to my list! I just ordered this book after a random search on Amazon and reading all of the reviews on it. =) I think I'm going to soak this one up completely!

 28 days until my bestie gets here!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!! I sooo can't wait for some bestie time! We barely get to spend any time together...not counting our phone and Skype calls, of course. ;-) The last time we did anything together in person was at Christmas. So sad. So, we're going to be busy, busy, busy while she's here! It totally sucks that Joe isn't going to be here, but I'm super excited that she's coming to see me. Does it show? ;-) This was taken the last time we hung out.

{Seriously can't believe how different I look and it's only been 6 months! Maybe it's just the hair?}

Before the picture above, I only have this picture of us. Melissa, maybe you have more? I don't... This one was taken about a bazillion years ago and brings back some...uh...interesting memories! Haha! =)

{We look like babies!!!}

30 days until my birthday! I'll be a whopping 24. 
{I know, it says 25. But isn't this cake adorable?!}

Then, we have about 3 1/2 months until this little guy [who I miss like crazy] arrives on the island.

So excited, yet so sad about the next few weeks. They will be bittersweet for sure.



JG said...

I'm sorry he's leaving! I still hate that it had to be so soon after you guys got there. If you ever need to vent or anything, I'm just a click away!

I'm sure you have, but if not, you REALLY need to check out Gilbert Morris's books. I recommend starting with the House of Winslow series. I think I've read almost all of them. They are Christian historical fiction dealing with American history. I'm about to start the series he wrote on British history, once I have a book fund again. I've also heard wonderful things about Faith Deployed. There's a facebook group under that name, too, if I'm not mistaken.

WordsByKatie said...

When is Joe leaving? If you haven't already, you should read Lynn Austin and Francine Rivers. Both write Christian fiction and are two of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

I can't recommend any good books because I love trashy romance novels. They are the historical fiction ones...does that count?! LOL!

Anyway, Military OneSource has a thing where you can order 10 free books from their library per year. Go to this link: http://www.militaryonesource.com/MOS/Tools/LibraryResources.aspx

Scroll to the bottom where it says "Playaway and Paperback Books". Select Fiction or non-fiction. Put the books in your cart, check out, and viola! They're on your doorstep in a few weeks. (Oh, make sure you register with Military One Source first!) The book selections (esp. the non-fiction ones) aren't huge, but there's some treasures in there!

Just Jenn said...

James Patterson "Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas".

Maeve Binchy "Tara Road"

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

I need to email you back but I just wanted to send you some HUGS!! I'm sorry he'll be leaving so soon.

Have you read any Lori Wick books? They are always compared to Karen Kingsbury's. Its a similar thing: Christian romances from a whole variety of times and places. I'm addicted to her books.

If you need a good laugh Mollie Gross's book is really hilarious, but she's got a mouth like a sailor so there's you're warning :)

Jesse and Marissa said...

Thinking of you since your hubs is leaving....I swear it never gets easier! But it looks like you have a great plan to keep busy!! :)

Kathryn said...

As far as books, I have tons of suggestions, I LOVE to read! But here are just a few:

Hope for the Home Front: Winning the Emotional and Spiritual battles of a Military Wife
(there is a book, and a Bible study)

God Strong: The Military Wife's Spiritual Survival Guide

and Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul

As far as Fiction, oh my I could give you tons of suggestions. I do reviews on my blog, and have a tab of all of them if you want to look them up... but you would probably like:

Dee Henderson's "Uncommon Heroes" Series

Author: Francine Rivers
- Redeeming Love
- Atonement Child
- Lineage of Grace Series
- Mark of the Lion Series

I could give you tons more, haha but I won't! Feel free to ask anytime though I own almost 300 books! By the way Faith Deployed is an awesome book, you will love it! :)

JessRaquel said...

Awwww I use to have a little dog with an underbite too! How cute!

I'm sorry about your husband leaving but hopefully the time will go by quickly and at least you get to see your bff!

Oh and Happy Birthday! I'll be 24 this upcoming August! I'm dreading it though.. One year closer to 25.. Which means 5 more years till 30.. *shudder*

Katie said...

Hi, I just came across your blog recently. I'm sorry he'll be leaving so soon. It really helps to have a lot to do while he's gone to help the time go by quicker. I love historical fiction books too and i just finished reading The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl.


Miranda said...

Sounds like you are going to have a busy few days before your Mr. leaves (wink wink, nudge nudge) Have you ever read Diana Gabaldon's Outlander Series? Do it - you'll love it. A BUNCH of books, all in a series, historical romance with just a little sex & language (I wouldn't read anything trashy lol) Best of luck!


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh how I wish I was close by! You know when it comes my turn for the big D you'll be hearing me cry a LOT so take advantage of me!

Meg said...

Definitely Francine Rivers & definitely Diana Galbaldon. They both write books that you cannot put down & they are really long so you can kill hours reading. It's great for when yours days are long :)

I am sad that your hubby is leaving. I think that having a positive outlook is a big thing that will help you...at least you are starting off right. & I'm sure some days will be so hard you don't know how you are managing, but you know & love Jesus & I believe He will help you get through it. He will help your hubby too wherever he may be.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

If you love sparks' books then you'd love an author named Sherryl Woods. Check for her Sweet Magnolia series. It's AMAZING. The first book in the series is Stealing Home.