07 May, 2010

Milspouse Appreciation Day

Happy Milspouse Appreciation Day to all of you ladies (and gents, if there are any)!

First, I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who commented yesterday. You have no idea how much that helped! I'm so thankful to have such a great group of strangers bloggie milspouse friends who have been there. I wish I'd found y'all sooner!! It would have made BCT sooo much easier! But, I'm thankful I found you anyway. I don't know what I'd do without you!! (((hugs)))

Most of you have been through multiple deployments, have had children without your husband there, have played Mommy and Daddy while your husband was away, and have been heroes. I know that our husbands are the real heroes for risking their lives for our safety, but to our children we are heroes too. (I say "we" because I am going to have kids one day. =)) Our children will remember the way we "kept it together," cried with them, held them, loved them, attended all their games, recitals, etc., and did the 9 million things it takes to run a household all without Daddy.  They may not realize it now, but one day they will.

You ladies give me hope. Hope that I can - like you - make it through the D-word. Hope that I won't waste away while he's gone. Hope that I will be ok.

So, to all of you who aren't newbies like me milspouses: thank you. Thanks for your support and your sacrifice. I hope you all get to do something fun today! You deserve it!

Love and hugs,


Jesse and Marissa said...

Great post!! Nicely said.

Sarah said...

Just read your post from yesterday, so sorry girl! Like you, I'm a newb who's incredibly grateful for our wise blogger friends! I feel for you and I'm hoping that your time together goes slowly so you can enjoy every single moment!

The Hapa Girl said...

You are going to do just fine :) You are a Milspouse...we are survivors!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated MSA day to you too! :)