02 April, 2010


You'll be glad to know that our part of the paperwork junk to get me to Hawaii is complete! Joe went and signed everything yesterday, and got a copy of the paper that says I can fly to Hawaii with him! =D That totally made my day. I'm oh-so glad that that part is over with. =D We were hoping that he'd get orders today, but no such luck for us. That's ok, he's sure to get them on Monday and then we can start the moving process.

Before last night, it hadn't really sunk in that we are moving to Hawaii. Yes, moving. And because he has hometown recruiting...they're going to come pack up our things before we leave for NC. We're probably leaving for NC sometime next week. Well, unless his date for recruiting has changed...which is entirely possible. So, what does this mean for me?

I need to get to packing my clothes into suitcases!

Now that the reality has finally sunk in, I feel like I have 9, 586 more things I need to do! I need to do laundry before I can start thinking about packing. I need to figure out when [and where] I'm going to take Jasper to get the final blood draw for the test so we can start his quarantine time here in the states. I need to know when the packers and movers are coming. I need to know what to do about shipping the car. I need to decide what to take with me while we're in NC for 2 whole weeks [I know it will pass quickly, but I feel like it's going to be a long time]. I know there's probably a lot more I'm forgetting too. *sigh* OH! We need to find a place to live! Yeah, there's that too. 

So, I'm stressing out. And I feel kinda like this:

And I think I need one of these:

Hope y'all have a great weekend!



The Undomestic Army Wife said...

Go to Darling Hall for the information to ship your car. First floor, can't remember the name but when you walk in, go to the left. Its right after the travel agency. (its the transportation office) Vet on post can help with the quarantine paperwork.

Expat Girl said...

I know you feel overwhelmed but thats such great news about the paperwork coming together! All of this stress will pay off when you are making us all jealous by blogging about relaxing on the beach in Hawaii!

Mrs. C said...

it's all working out! yay! :)

WordsByKatie said...

Glad to hear everything is starting to fall into place for you guys. I hope that the rest of your travels/preparations continue to go smoothly.

Anonymous said...

At least things are getting done and soon it'll all be taken care of!!!


P.S. I have an award for you on my blog!

Hope said...

If you need any help on the Hawaii end, I'm available! last name AT mac.com.

Hannah said...

Don't stress too much. =] The weather here is wonderful so you can de-stress out on the beach!
Hope the moving goes smoothly for you!

Anonymous said...

Have fun in NC! I just moved from there :)