04 April, 2010

O-M-G Randomness

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! We had a pretty good day...which was uneventful for the most part. This was the first Easter we haven't been around family...and it was kind of weird. I didn't even think about cooking anything special for lunch either. Woops. =) Oh well, there's always next year, right?

We had a great church service. He preached from Luke 15, and focused on talking about how God is always searching for his lost children. Fitting, because Luke 15 is full of parables about lost things. I really enjoyed it. Usually, on Resurrection Sunday, you hear the same message of the crucifixion and resurrection. Which, is wonderful, amazing and beautiful, but it was nice to hear something different.

I'm thinking of petitioning to change the name of the holiday from Easter to Resurrection Sunday. Why? Because Easter is - in its origins - a pagan holiday. Wayyyy back in the day, Constantine (the first Christian Roman emperor) decided that he could get the pagans to celebrate Christian holidays by putting them on or near the same date. Smart, no? Easter celebrates - get this - a fertility god which resembles a rabbit. What is a sign of fertility? A whole lot of eggs. Thus, the Easter egg hunts and bunny rabbits as far as you can see. So, I'm not much of a fan of the egg thing. It was a part of our tradition when I was little, but now that I can see the reality of it...I'd rather not celebrate that part. And just so you have another little tidbit of information about Christianity and Constantine, Christmas was moved near the winter solstice. The man was smart, but I hate that he wrecked Christian holy days.

Now that I've gotten off my soap box.... We had a boring lunch from Taco Bell. Lol! I still can't believe I didn't even think of cooking something special! We did some laundry this afternoon and Joe played his new Xbox game while I folded laundry and started going through clothes that I want to get rid of. Then, this evening, we had the bright idea to go to dinner before Joe had to go back to the barracks tonight. So, we went to Cheddar's. We've been meaning to go for a while, but it just never happened. Everything seemed okay until we realized we'd been waiting for our entrees for like 20 mins. We got an appetizer, so it wasn't like we were starving, but still. It's the principle. Finally, our server comes by to tell us that they didn't have the ticket for our order back in the kitchen. Grrrr! Which basically means that either she didn't give it to them or they lost it. [My first thought was, uh, doesn't that go into the computer when she rings it in?! But, I'm guessing they have a different system than the one we had at the restaurant I used to work at.] *sigh* She got our appetizer taken off, but by the time our food came out we realized we wouldn't have enough time to eat and get Joe back to the barracks. So, we boxed it up and came home. Neither of us were really hungry by that point anyway. So, big FAIL, Cheddar's.

To top the night off, I got pulled over by an MP on the base. SERIOUSLY?! Apparently, I forgot to move over or slow down for the MP who was on the side of the road. Grr. Like it was really such a big deal that I needed to be pulled over! Yes, I know that's what you're supposed to do. Yes, I kind of forgot and wasn't really paying attention. Did I really need to be pulled over? I don't think so. Joe thinks that SGT MP was bored. He's probably right. Lol! At least I didn't get a ticket. While we were waiting for Mr. MP to come up to the car, I apologized 5 times to Joe. I mean seriously. First, the warning about OPSEC on my blog and then I almost get him an Article?! Gah. I have got to be more careful!!!!

Happy Resurrection Sunday. Sheesh.



Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

I think it's great that you had Easter lunch at Taco Bell! We don't have family nearby either so it never occurred to me either to make anything fancy.

I've never gotten pulled over by an MP on base before, but I've gotten the stink eye before for going 20 in a 15. I mean really, 15 MPH? I can walk faster than that!

Happy Easter!

Alia said...

lol My husband is an MP and I still get nervous driving on post around MP's :) Happy Easter!

Kathryn said...

Wow I really loved what you said about Easter or should I say Resurrection Sunday? I totally agree! We didn't do anything either, I kind of forgot about Easter and we are away from family so I had no meal planned either, haha glad I wasn't the only one! Sorry you got pulled over, I think they are bored a lot! They are always sitting near where we live so I always drive extra slow!