29 April, 2010

Day of Epic Fails

*sigh* What can I say? It's been a rough day.
I know, I know. It's 2230 on the east coast, but it's only 1630 here. Maybe I'll figure out this time difference thing soon.

When we got to our hotel on Monday, I noticed a flier about an orientation for newcomers to the island for today (Thursday) at 0900. I was so excited about it! So, I told Joe that we should go because he's off until Monday. Sounds good right? Get it out of the way, not have to worry about it later because it's mandatory. Good idea, right? Wrong. Oh, so wrong. We showed up [about 5 minutes late] and as soon as we walk in the door we felt retarded. Why, you ask? Every. single. Soldier was in uniform except for Joe. And of course, the table we picked to sit down at was full of captains. *sigh* About 5 minutes into the history of Hawaii, we desperately needed to be out of that place and I had devised a plan. =) I got up first, making it seem as if I was just going to the bathroom. Joe came out a few minutes later. On his way out, he was stopped by another Soldier who told him that he didn't need to come until his class (?) came. Epic, epic FAIL.

So, I apologized about 9 bazillion times on our short walk back to the hotel. I felt like an idiot, and I felt even worse for suggesting we go and then he ended up being the only one not in uniform. When we got back to the hotel, we chilled for a while and had lunch. Then, we had the bright idea to go to North Shore. One of his friends from AIT has been here for 2 weeks and told us that he just takes the bus for like $2. Sounds great and convenient, right? Wrong. Supposedly, this bus comes by once an hour. We headed up to the bus stop at 1300. 5 minutes after we get there this very native looking guy came up and we asked him about when the bus should be there and basically how we'd get to North Shore. Neither one of us could understand him, but we did find out that we needed to grab some cash before we went. So, off we went to get cash. After wandering aimlessly around the PX/Commissary area, getting cash, and realizing we needed to go online to find the bus schedule, we came back to the hotel. We found out that we have no stinkin' clue about public transportation and the route(s) we need to take to get where we need to go. FAIL. So, we decided to wait for his battle buddy to tell us where to go. Hopefully, I'll get to get out of this stinkin' place tomorrow!!!!!

I'm so incredibly sick of being in this room. It's nice, yeah, but you can only watch so much tv in one day, let alone a week. We are taking a free bus (brought to you by the military) to Waikiki on Saturday, but I'd like to do something tomorrow too. I think it's a little sad that I've been here for 3 days and all I've seen is the Army base and the freaking airport. We need a car. Why do rental car places charge so much?! Even the one on base is ridiculous! I know it's "peak season" or whatever, but really? $40 a day for the tiniest car you have? Really? Not cool, people.

Right now, I'm just hoping to get out of the hotel for dinner. Maybe the hubs and I won't get in an argument about what to watch on tv tonight. *sigh* I think I'm going to have to constantly remind myself that I should be loving and taking advantage of all this time we have together. Chances are that he'll be deployed in the next month or so, and I'll be wishing that I'd spent more time with him - not arguing, but having fun.

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Leza said...

I'm so sorry you had to sit through that boring "tour". We did the same thing--and we failed at skipping out too...lol just make sure if they offer you a "tour" on a black bus w/ jewelry it's a scam. they give you a tour of the path to the jewelry story called "Maui something..." where they make jewelry from pearls found in the waters of Maui and then pressure you into buying something...the women all wear purple dresses..stupid stupid! I hope you guys are able to get a car soon so you don't have to sit in that room anymore. As soon as you guys get settled I'm sure you'll get the chance to explore-trust me you're not missing anything about Waikiki...although it is a great opportunity and great experience. You're going to have lots of opportunities in the next few years. One place you HAVE to visit is Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial--it was such a great experience...you can still see the oil coming up from the Arizona. Anyway, I dont' want to tell you everything you will have alot of fun learning on your own. I look forward to seeing your pictures and experiences. Enjoy your first few weeks.

Brandi said...

Big hugs, I can't imagine how badly that has sucked. I'm sure things will start getting better much sooner. :D

Chantal said...

When we got here we definitely got a rental car. It was worth the money! But if you don't have much money saved up, don't break the bank. Our first car arrived on island only a week after we got here, thank goodness. We loved having the car. I'm not sure if the library has reopened yet, but there's one right across the street from the hotel. That's something you could do!

BTW, I was at the newcomers luncheon giving out flyers for work, haha. I bet we crossed paths.

beckara said...

I hate that it's felt quite sucky this week da-lin. I just want to encourage you to do just what you said, spend some good, quality time together. Especially while he's off this week, and of course up until the time he's deployed. Don't do as much tv watching, there's other things yall can do. Talk, have some exciting Bible Study time together, take walks. You don't have to always have a "plan" or an "agenda," just walk. (hold hands ;]) Whoever said yall have to stop acting like newlyweds anyway? ;] Make a conscious effort to be lovey dovey like is so easy to do at the beginning. You'll have a much better time. =)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Have you looked to see if there's any cars available from a site called rentawreck.com? Their cars usually run fine but don't look the greatest. They're usually old rental cars that have huge dings or scratches on them.