07 March, 2010

Long Time, No...Blog!

I know, I've been kind of AWOL this weekend. =) I've been reading...just not blogging or commenting. Sorry, folks!

My weekend has consisted of watching entirely too many hours of LOST. =) We're watching it literally like there's no tomorrow. I think it's safe to say we'd be lost {haha, no pun intended!} without Netflix and instant play. I think the only thing we watched this weekend was LOST. Oh, I take that back. For a little bit of variety, we watched Pelham 123 also on Netflix. Has anyone seen this movie? It was a little bit ridiculous. It wasn't necessarily bad...but just not very good. Safe to say that 1) John Travolta doesn't make a very good bad guy and 2) the man can't cuss to save his life! If I'd had to endure hearing him say mf-er one more time, I think I would have screamed! There are some actors that use those words perfectly, but not Mr. Travolta. Not that I'm a fan of swear words...but, it's a part of almost every movie these days. If I have to hear the f-word 5 million times in one movie, please be able to say it with flair, ok? Thanks. =)

So, I'm getting a little anxious. Joe's orders still say that he's supposed to report in Hawaii in a month. =/ I haven't done a single thing to prepare for this. I have one puppy to take with me, and I absolutely refuse to allow him to be quarantined for 120 days! I cannot live with out my baby for that long! So...I'm going to have to start the long [but hopefully short] process of getting mounds of paperwork done, a couple blood tests {my poor baby!}, and possibly a rabies shot. Eek! I applaud Hawaii for having zero cases of rabies, but could they make it any harder to move my sweet baby there?!

So, there's the moving thing. There's also Capstone. Which, apparently, is the AIT version of FTX's. He's going to be in "the field" for 5 whole days and nights {in 2 weeks}. =( I can handle it, but it means I'm going to be completely alone for 4-5 days. More sad faces. It would be easier to handle [I think] if I worked and saw people during the day, but I don't. And I can't really go shopping everyday. Don't think the bank account my hubby would appreciate that much. =) Especially after our"oh my gosh we're broke" happenings this week. *sigh* Such is the life when you're paying off debts.

The good news is, though, that my sister [in law] will be here on Thursday of that week. Well, that's the plan for now. So, I'll have a little bit of human interaction. =) Lol! And baby interaction, because my niece is coming with her! =D I'm super excited about that. I wish they were staying with me, but I understand why she can't. My in laws are coming on Friday too. They're all going to be here for the weekend to see us before we PCS to Hawaii.

Part of me can't stinkin' wait to get to Hawaii and part of me wishes we were going to be in CONUS.  I know I'm going to love the beach and all that...but I kinda wish we were going to be able to see family more often. As of last night, both of our younger brothers are getting married next year. *sigh* I'm extremely happy for both of them, I just hope that we can be at both. Or at least I can go to both. Joe's the best man in his brother's wedding, so we're definitely going to his if Joe hasn't deployed. As far as I know I'm not in my brother's wedding, so I don't know. I really want to be there though. He's marrying a girl that rode our bus from the time I was in 6th grade until my junior year of high school. I think they were in the same class, but I honestly can't remember. He's 3 years younger, so it makes sense. =) Anyway, she's seriously sweet and I haven't seen her since...before I graduated maybe. So, I'd love to be at both. But, with travel prices being so high...and living expenses being at least twice what they are now...I'm just not sure. I don't want to have to break hearts, so....maybe we can work it out.

I've also realized that I seriously miss living in NC. I was thinking earlier that when I lived there [when Joe was in BCT], I was lonely but Sundays were the highlight of my week. Sunday was church day; a day when I went and worshiped, learned, and taught little ones. =) I miss the little ones. Sunday was Pizza Night with the fam! Not my fam, but Joe's. Who now feel just as much my family as his. I love that. So, when Joe goes to Capstone, I don't really have that to look forward to. Or when he [possibly] gets deployed. I'm crossing my fingers and praying that I'll make quick friends in Hawaii in case the worst should happen Joe gets deployed.

Sorry to be a "Debbie Downer", but these are just some of my ramblings. =) I hope you all had a lazy great weekend!



JG said...

I can pretty much lost myself in LOST and be happy. :)

And that's the main reason I don't want to get a pet. I was "owed" a cat when SoldierMan enlisted, but I've waived it. It's just too unpredictable as to where we'll move and what we'll be doing. Otherwise, I'd want my kitty. Oh well.

Krista said...

hey darlin, sorry the armys being a douche. but for as many times as they are a douche they are good and give us(our husbands) extra days off :)
do whatever you can to keep your puppy with you! totally worth it! i cant imagine being without my furbabies for more than a week. so pathetic!

Via said...

My fiance will be doing that schedule as well 5 days on, 5 days off...as far as we know. But at least you'll be in Hawaii! ...there are no beaches in Wyoming :(