23 February, 2010

Seriously? Seriously?!


Ok, I watch too much Grey's Anatomy and it's beginning to show.

Anyway, that's how I felt last night...after many, many explicatives ran through my mind. I drove to the base as usual at 5:25. Joe usually gets out of formation around 6:00, and it takes about 20 minutes to get there in 5:00 traffic. I also like to be early. 6:00 comes and goes, while I'm watching 200ish people get out of formation and head into the barracks. Ugh. Joe's been doing board training, so I just assumed that's what was going on. 10 minutes later...I'm still waiting for him to get out. Then at like 6:20, he comes up to the car in ACU's (he usually changes into civi's before I take him home), a PC, and carrying a weapon. Crap.

Apparently, his NCO's decided that his class was going to do weapons immersion a couple weeks early, and they had a "safety briefing" at 7:00. Grrrrrrrrr. So basically, I drove all the way there for nothing!! Then, he said t hat the NCO's were talking about enforcing some BS policy about no one being able to park in the parking lot outside the barracks before 6:00. Which translates into: no wives in the parking lot before 6:00 because those are the only people there!!!! One more little BS policy they're talking of enforcing: not letting the guys [who have 5+ privileges] go home after formation!! WTF?! So basically, this new 1st SGT is really being an ass. I think it's pretty clear at this point that the man isn't married and could care less about the morale of the men in his company. I'd love to give this jerk a piece of my mind right now!!!! There is no possible way they can keep 5+ guys from leaving the base during their own free time! I swear, since this jerk has been here, he's caused more problems than the other guy could have even dreamed. The guys in the company hate him, he's already offended several of the NCO's under him. I mean, what is this guy's problem?! Ugh, I'm so ready for this to be over and be in Hawaii!!!!!

So much for the Army caring about family time.

I suppose I should go do some Pilates now and get to work on that spare bedroom since we've got Joe's parents coming down next weekend. *sigh*

Happy Tuesday!


Via said...


No joke, a post I wrote at a different blog yesterday started out... "Seriously."

I understand :)

JG said...

Oh my gosh. How stupid. I'm sorry, that's so frustrating!

krista marie (army wife) said...

im sorry that happened but i love that picture you posted its super cute :)