21 February, 2010

Dear Weekend...

Why do you go so quickly? I feel like you just got here, and now you're leaving again. What's worse, is you always take my husband with you when you go. We have 2 glorious nights and days together, and he leaves with you. It's really not fair. I used to really enjoy you, Weekend. There would be lots of sleeping in, being lazy, cuddling, watching TV, maybe making baked goodies, and some good 'ole Joe and Sarah time. But, at the end of those weekends, I would still have my hubby. Since the Army [and AIT], I don't get to keep him. Hopefully, that Off-Post packet will get approved and you will stop taking him when you go. I would really appreciate it! =)

Hating to See Him Go,
G.I. Joe's Wife


Saturday was such an amazing day! I got up around 9:30. Joe had gotten up about an hour before me, but since I didn't sleep well Friday night, it didn't bother me too much. =) When I stumbled out of our bedroom, I found that the house was clean, the dog was fed, and my hubby was already pouring me some cereal. =) I love that he does this on the weekends! He started doing this when I moved down here...and it's pretty awesome. Before, I would usually make pancakes, waffles, or muffins for breakfast on Saturday. Somehow, I think that he sort of feels guilty for not being here throughout the week and tries to make up for it by helping me out on the weekends. I'm totally ok with this!

Anyway, we didn't do a darn thing all day! We sat on the couch and started watching Lost. Yeah, I know we're way behind on this bandwagon. Better late than never, right?! A little bit of lost, a little bit of Smallville, and a little bit of me reading while Joe played something on the Xbox. I so love that we can spend time together without actually talking to each other. I learned a long time ago {while growing up in a very noisy, busy house} to block out noises I didn't want or need to listen to. This works out great for us because he can play whatever game he wants or watch a movie I don't like while I read a book. =) Still spending time together, but each enjoying our own things.

Around dinner time, I had an idea. I found this fabulous wine via Olive Garden last weekend. And since I was planning on making spaghetti for dinner, I thought this would be the perfect time to get that bottle of wine! Yeah, I was in sweats, but at least it would be a nice end to a wonderful day. I don't know how I did it, but Joe ended up going out for wine, garlic-y bread, and dessert. =) Probably because he didn't want me to put makeup on. {I rarely, if ever, leave the house without it on. I'm vain, I admit it.} He likes that I have blonde eyelashes. Anyway, about 40 minutes after he left I started to get worried. The grocery store is 2 minutes away, and the liquor store is like 5 minutes away. I had good reason. So, I called and got no answer. I did get a text message saying he was leaving the grocery store, though. He came back with wine, ice cream, and a Wii remote! He forgot the bread, but oh well. I'd mentioned earlier in the day that we should get another remote so he could play Mario Kart with me. I seriously love that game! So this was our evening...in pictures. =)

Yummy spaghetti!

With the improvised version of garlic bread. Lol!

Not the exact wine I fell in love with at Olive Garden, but it was still pretty good!

So, we had a few issues with the cork... =)

But, he finally got it. Mmmmm!

Proof that we have used the wine topper Mom bought for us in Vegas last year. =)

Our post dinner game time! =D So fun!

Joe playing Xbox. Apparently, Jasper felt like he needed his picture taken too. 

And just because, here's a picture I took when my Valentine's Day flowers were alive. It's so sad when they die. =( They never last long enough, but I do love receiving them!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


JG said...

Oh, I can't wait for weekends together! Sounds like a wonderful, lazy weekend. Before the Army, I always talked SoldierMan into making breakfast on Saturdays, if I could. He's much better at making pancakes than I am, and he has his own particular way of doing it, so I wound up "craving" pancakes pretty often :) That's a cute wine topper! I love it :)

Kathryn said...

"Wow. Thank you so much for posting this! I totally needed that today. =) I am a worrier. I worry about everything. I don't think I ever realized that worry is linked to fear...thanks for letting God use you! I may be going to get this book."

No problem! I needed as much as anyone else. I worry about everything as well. It has gotten so bad that I stress and I can't even live life at times. I have even had panic attacks. I hope you do get the book if you want I am learning a lot! :)

Cute stuff, Spaghetti looks good! And I love playing the Wii with my husband!!