03 February, 2010

Oh, the Possibilities!

Yesterday, I stumbled on this website, thanks to Melissa. I read the first day of "The Heart of Her Husband" series they are doing. First of all, ouch. Second, I think I've fallen in love with this website. It's called A Virtuous Woman, which I'm certain is derived from Proverbs 31. =) For some reason, God has taken me to this passage many, many times over the past 6 months or so, beginning when Joe left for BCT. The woman who's writing this seriously knows how to proverbially 'hit the nail on the head'. So, loving this website and all it stands for.

After a while, I began to sort of browse the site, just to see what it offered. Then, I stumbled onto the sidebar which said they were looking for writers to contribute!!! I looked over the guidelines and topics, and the whole time my heart was pounding. I really just felt like God was telling me to send a sample/submission. So, after some editing, I did. I'd written this thing that I titled "What is Marriage, Anyway?" back in September. Actually, I believe I blogged about it too. So, obviously I had some [serious] editing to do. After I edited, I sent it to Melissa to read first. =) Gotta have some approval! Then, I typed up an email, attached and sent it! I haven't heard anything back yet, possibly because my email is being stubborn. Then again, it could take a while to hear anything. So, we'll see and I'll keep updating when I know anything! Say a prayer! I'd really love to write for them!

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