27 January, 2010

Random Picture Post

So, I really wanted to blog tonight, but couldn't think of anything to say. I've taken a whole bunch of random pictures in the last few weeks, so I thought this would be a good time to share them all with you! I hope you enjoy my randomness! =)

I walked in and saw Jasper sprawled out on Joe while he was playing video games. Silly boys.

We decided to play Scrabble...
Yes, we're nerds.

Sometimes I get bored while waiting for Joe to play. =)
So, I took pictures.

This was my response to something he said.
Don't remember what now. =D

My crappy letter selection.

We took a walk to the pond on the grounds of the apartments.

Jasper really wanted to get a hold of this duck!!

This is the pretty new comforter I bought from my fave store: Target! ♥

I'm trying to lose weight, eat better, look better, etc.
Melissa suggested this book. I'm sold on her ideas.
But, I refuse to be a complete health nut.

Another book I'm reading. Ah, historical fiction how I ♥ you!
I found this on d.a.r.'s blog. Thanks for the suggestion!

So, that's it for my completely random picture post! Maybe I'll be back with something insightful tomorrow! =)


Christen Krumm said...

hey!you should go here.. http://www.ourcitylights.org/2010/01/slow-readers-book-club.html .. and join this book club with me. mainly because i want someone in the book club that i actually know :) it'd be fun... you know you want too :)


Paula Kathlyn said...

Not trying to weird you out since I just came across your blog but I am almost certain that we used to live in the same huge apartment "city" that you guys live in because that fountain was right behind our apartment when we were here in 2008. We are at Benning again, but this time we bought a house. I am sad you are leaving though! I love when I find other military wives in my town :)