26 January, 2010

Another First for Me

A couple days ago, I decided to delve into the world of card making. I figured that since I love scrapbooking so much, that card making shouldn't be too hard either! I got the idea for this card from one I saw at Target last week. =) Seriously, I love that place! I decided that since it was my niece's first Valentine's Day - and I'd already bought her a little something {a shirt that says "I Love Auntie =D} - that she needed a card! Anyway, here's how my card making adventure went. Enjoy!

So, I started with an 8x8 piece of cardstock...

Cut down to the "perfect" size and folded it in half.

Typed and printed off this cute little phrase.
And cut it to fit.

And with some help from this friend of mine,
I glued it to the paper.

Lookin' cute already!

Then, I punched out a circle and attached a cute
ladybug sticker to go along with the phrase.

I typed up some "baby's first" to put on the front.
Then, cut them out.

And I glued them to pretty purple paper. =)

And cut those out.
With more help of my friendly glue dot roller...
I pasted all of my cutting...hehehe ;-)

And this was the result!!
It's super cute! If I do say so myself. =)

The back says "Made with love by Aunt Sarah". =D

So, it may not be the best handmade card ever but you gotta start somewhere, right?! What do you think? Do I have possibilities in the card making world? =)

1 comment:

Melissa Hendrix said...

Well, since I have thought several time "I should get Sarah to make a Vday card for Grandpa" I guess I would say you could make it in the card world. :)